Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vacation and The Princess Updates and Pictures

(Day 30 of NaBloPoMo)

I am finally taking some time to update you all on our trip! Enjoy!
  • I first want to say THANKS for reading along this month as I posted this month. It was easier in the beginning of the month, but, these last few days have been killer to get my post in!

  • The Princess did great on the 2 flights to IN. She did not sleep much, just a little on the first flight. She was in a great mood the rest of the time!

  • The Princess DID NOT sleep well while we were gone, AT ALL. She had psychotic melt downs where we could not get her to calm down long enough to listen to us. It was HORRIBLE. But, we survived.

  • We enjoyed spending time with all of our family there. We went to attend my cousin's daughter's first birthday party. Little Miss L. was adorable for her party AND we got to be there for my cousin's marriage proposal from her boyfriend of almost 3 years. This made Little Miss L.'s 1st Bday that much more special.

  • We got to meet up with Hallie and The Princess from The Princess and The Pump (she posted about it here). This was an AWESOME part of our trip! She picked up The Princess and myself to go to lunch. We went to Red Robin, let the Princesses play at the park, and we did a little window shopping. Then we headed back to my Aunt's house to hang out for a bit. You can read more about the visit on Hallie's blog, and see my pics from our time together, below.

  • The Princess did great on our first flight on the trip home. She actually slept the whole 2 hours. THEN the second leg of the trip...UGH!...The plane was nice and had video monitors for every seat. I thought GREAT we can watch a movie and the flight time will go faster! NOT! I bought ($6) Toy Story 3 and then found out that our headset connection DID NOT WORK! So, The Princess watched with no sound for a while. Then she SCREAMED for about the last 45 minutes of the flight! It was horrible!

If you remember a few weeks ago The Princess was sick. She had an ear infection about 3 weeks ago. We followed up the next week and they thought it looked like the ears were clearing up fine. I MEANT to take her in again before our trip to double check, but figured they were looking better and she was ok. Boy was I wrong! I ended up taking her to the doc yesterday after she has had too many rough nights of sleep and has been cranky. EAR INFECTION in both ears, AGAIN! One ear looked so bad the doc said it was RED and bulging out! Lots of fluid.

Since The Princess seems to be getting LOTS of ear infections, we are being sent to see an ENT about tubes. I scheduled the appointment for next week. We put her on antibiotics AGAIN. She is becoming resistant to them since she does not have a lot of options due to her penicillin and cephalosporin allergies.

So, we will see the ENT on Wednesday and the GI doctor about my celiac suspicions on Thursday. I will update after both appointments.

And, THANK YOU all again for sticking out the first NaBloPoMo I have done! I am not sure I can do it again, though I am thinking of trying for November. We will see!

Enjoy the picture collages below from our trip!

The flight to IN.

Little Miss L. on her 1st Birthday.



Reyna said...

It has been so comforting to participate in NaBloPoMo along side you Tracy. Thank you. I really enjoyed getting to know you and your family better over the month.

I think you are CRAZY for another one in Nov. I will sit on the sidelines and read and comment - LOL.

Great trip update and I hope the Princess' ears feel better soon.

Laura said...

YEA!! You did it. Great job on the NaBloPoMo!!
Poor Princess!! That ear sounds painful! Sophie and Nate both had tubes. I love tubes!! Sophie has severe hearing loss because of all of her ear infections - - - she is fine now and has not had one single ear infection since receiving tubes!

I insisted on Nate getting tubes at 6-months in hopes that we could avoid the hearing loss and he has done great.

Good luck and please keep us posted!!

I'm so jealous you got to have a D Mama meet up! I love those!!

Meri said...

Oh poor little princess! How miserable she must have felt with her ears bulging! I would have had epic breakdowns too! I'm glad you are going to a specialist...I hope they fix her up!

Congrats on successfully completing Nablo!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Congrats on doing a great job with NaBloPoMo!

Glad you were able to enjoy your trip, despite the sleep and ear issues.

Good luck with the tubes! I can't wait to read posts telling us that the Princess is doing so much better! :)

Shamae said...

Oh poor ears!! Ouch!! I hope they can get them cleared up for good! Glad you had a great trip! Great pics too!

Amanda said...

Glad you had a good trip (minus the screaming and sleepless nights, etc.). Traveling with kids is never dull! And the princess is darling.

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