Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog post updates, 2nd edition

(Day 19 of NaBloPoMo)

Last week I posted my first Blog Post Updates with updates from some of my posts after the comments YOU all left.

I decided I really liked updating you all this way, so I will post an update post each week/2 weeks. (plus it gives me a post for that darn NaBloPoMo craziness...see below)

Here are the updates for this week...

1) Supporting Diabetes Research

I appreciate ALL of the comments I got on this subject. I have decided that there is no way we can walk this year. I am overwhelmed with life right now and would want to put my all into fund raising and putting a team together. I think I will start to think about next year and will plan to walk then. I still have a little bit of a hard time saying we are walking for a cure, when I feel like we should be saying "The walk for a possible cure, AND for better treatment, education, and support in the meantime."

I do see the benefits of JDRF and how they support families and research for Diabetes. I agree with what was said regarding quality of life for our children up until that cure is found, and this is something that is very important to me too.

Again, thank YOU ALL for the feedback on this one. It helped me see a little more into why supporting JDRF would be a good thing.

2) Lean On Me

Thank you all for the comments on this one. This song has been with me since last week and gets to me every time I hear it.

I know there are lots of songs that make each of us connect the song to our D lives, but this one that Meri posted in January, is my all time favorite. (Thanks, Meri)

3) Back to School

It was SO nice sending the kids back to school last Monday. I did get more work done without them home Monday-Wednesday, THEN The Superhero started NOT feeling well again. He had a low fever on Wednesday afternoon and was complaining that his forehead was hurting. We took him back to the doctor (and The Princess to get her ears re-checked). Both kids' ears were looking better, still a few days of antibiotics to go. The doc thought maybe The Superhero was feeling and upset tummy due to the antibiotics. She was not too concerned over the small fever and headache.

We ended up keeping both kids home on Thursday from school to give The Superhero time to feel better. And The Princess stayed home too, to prevent her from catching anything else.

Hopefully the kids will be 100% this week and The Superhero can go to school EVERY day. The Princess will be staying home with me this week to make sure she does not catch anything before we leave on Thursday for Indiana.

The Princess is still getting breathing treatments 2x per day since she just can't shake this cough completely without it. Once she has her treatment each morning, she seems fine. Then before bed she starts coughing again. So I can tell that she still needs them, for now. (see the cute picture below of her doing her own treatment, while I was cooking dinner)

4) To Bang or Not to Bang (controversial subject)

Thank you to all who posted comments on this controversial subject. (and for putting up with my sense of humor, LOL)

I think for NOW we are going to try to go "No Bang". I figure I can always cut them later if we change our minds. So, for now, The Princess is in the awkward in between stage while they grow out which makes doing something to her hair loads of fun! (sense the sarcasm!)

5) GF Experiment

We started going GF with The Princess on Wednesday afternoon after she got out of daycare. So far, I might be seeing slight changes in her. I don't want to get my hopes up, BUT she has started napping a little longer each day. She seems happier and is smiling more. She even slept until 1am before coming to my bed last night, instead of the usual 10:30pm. We are planning on keeping this up for a while to see how she does.

I did schedule an appointment with a specialist for October 7th. If they think we need to put her back on Gluten for a short time to do some testing then, we will do so at that time. I am anxious to meet with the doc and see what she thinks. As always, I will update on my blog.

6) Memories in a straw

Thank you all for the comments on this post. It definitely brought up all sorts of emotions.

I still can't get over how ironic it is what could have killed him that week could save his life today.

7) The Diabetic Duo and The Princess

I know it must have meant the world for this mom to get out kid/Diabetes free. And The Superhero keeps asking for C. to come back. So, I am sure we will have him over again sometime.

8) NaBloPoMo

THANK YOU all again for sticking with me! 19 days down, 11 more to go! I am starting to run out of things to post about. Hopefully I will make it! Oh, and I will be out of town for 5 of the next 11 days! Hopefully I will get all my posts written and scheduled before I leave.

And I leave you with the picture I mentioned above. The picture of The Princess giving herself a breathing treatment. (notice, bangs are pulled back)


Reyna said...

AWWW - the bangs pulled back are too cute. I am not sure if I should be glad or sad that you are noticing a difference with the GF diet. Keep up the great work Tracy and please keep us updated on this. I actually have some similar Gluten worries for Bridget. :(

Lora said...

I missed the memories in a straw(just read it). Craziest things spark our memories. I have 2 pictures of Justin that take me to that place every time.

I love this kind of update... I may have to borrow it in November :)

Meri said...

What a great idea! Love the updates! And I like her bangs pulled back, keep it up!

Wendy said...

Awesome post!

We're gonna make it....we're almost there :)

Love the cute little no bangs do!

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