Monday, September 20, 2010

Dreams, The before and the after

(Day 20 of NaBloPoMo)

After a bizarre, and scary dream I had a few nights ago, I started thinking about the dreams I was having before Diabetes entered our lives and now after the disease has taken over.

Before Diabetes my dreams consisted of my kids, work, FALLING, being CHASED, etc...You know, the usual sorts of dreams.

BUT now that we have Diabetes in our lives I find myself dreaming of Diabetes. As if living it with The Superhero day in and day out, my subconscious is now forcing me to dream about it too.

Sometimes it is good stuff, like those rare occasions when things go PERFECTLY.

Then there are those OTHER dreams, when things go WRONG.

The one I had the other night made me wake up with my heart racing and I am SO thankful was not real! In my dream I somehow bolused The Superhero 12.9 units of insulin!

12.9 units without carbs to match would KILL him.

AND his ration is 1:65, so I remember in my dream doing the math he would have needed 838.5 grams carbohydrates.

Now, if this were to happen in real life (hopefully will NEVER happen), we would just go to the ER and get a good ol' IV of sugary fluids.

But in my dream, I was frantically running around like a crazy person trying to find enough carbs to shove into his mouth.

Super, scary dream! And why 12.9 units. Such an odd amount. Weird

Anyway, what do YOU dream about?


bethany said...

wow that is scary. my carb ratio is 1:10 so I would probably just enjoy the moment and eat some really carby foods lol. but ... one of my friends had an old minimed pump when she was younger and was on a rollercoaster @ an amusement park and the pressure from the ride delivered her whole cartridge of insulin. exactly as you said, she went to the er and was given an iv or sugar lol. hope your dreams get better!!!

Meri said...

I hate dreams like that...especially when they are vivid and seem so real!

Reyna said...

OMG...and Bethany's friend's story is a nightmare!!! UGH.

12.9 units! I cannot even begin to imagine giving that much and the 1:65 ratio is a nice added "oh man we are soooo screwed" touch.

Nicole said...

Oh man I hate the "night mares" that stick with you the whole day because they seemed so real. I also hate the D can't have enough dignity to at least leave our dreams a lone!!

Heather said...

I have dreams like that too, and I hate them. I always wake up and have to go upstairs and check on Lovebug. I hate that we can't even get away from D in our dreams. The other night I dreamed about walk day over and over again. It was a good dream but still about D.

Danielle said...

I had that same dream. 12 units even. And I spent the entire dream in a panic trying to get Charlotte to the hospital but couldn't. Horrible.

Misty said...

Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one dreaming about D. Cracks me up that you even calculated the amount of carb grams in your dream!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Just goes to show you what a big part of your life D is.

I have D dreams, too.

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