Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Never a dull moment around here

(Day 21 of NaBloPoMo)

Today (Monday) was the day The Superhero was scheduled to go on his VERY FIRST field trip EVER. They were just going to the public library, which he has also never been too (yep, I am a slacker).

I planned on dropping him off at school at 8:15am, then going back home to pick up The Princesses diaper bag, GF snacks, etc. I needed to check in with work stuff too, and was going to do this at that time. I also needed my camera!

The note sent home last week (which was when we first found out about this trip, nice to give me some notice!), said the bus was leaving the school at 9:45 and would be returning at 11.

This should have allowed me plenty of time to run back home and take care of a few things and get The Princesses things so I could take her to my mom's house.

So, while dropping The Superhero off at school I wanted to confirm the time the buses would be arriving so I could make sure I was back in time.

Teacher #1 (who I am NOT a fan of, see this post and this post to see why), told me the bus would be there at 8:45! Not 9:45. She did not realize SHE made a mistake on our flyer until THE DAY of the trip! The other parents who were attending and I were NOT happy.

So, not only did I have to get someone to cover me for work due to a field trip I found out about last week, but I had two options of what to do for The Princess at this point...

1) RUSH home and get The Princesses diaper bag with her GF snacks.

2) RUSH to the store (closer than home) and purchase diapers and GF snacks.

I chose the latter. It was faster to just buy a pack of diapers and the store I went to had plenty of GF foods, though I know they were more expensive at this particular store, it did not matter in that moment.

I dropped The Princess off at my mom's and was on my way to the school.

I found The Superhero and his class making a potty stop before getting on the bus. The Superhero was hanging out with a cutie patootie little girl.

We then got on the bus and the same adorable little girl sat next to The Superhero on the bus too! I sat in the seat in front of them. I was talking to The Superhero asking if she was his girlfriend and he said yes. I asked what her name was and he said "I don't know." She spoke up and said her name. (I will not post it for privacy purposes, we will call her "E.") The two of them together was ridiculously adorable!

We were almost to the library and drove over a bump, then I hear the SCREAMING from The Superhero. He was bleeding! Apparently he decided he wanted to look out the window at the SAME time the driver drove over a curb. The Superhero ended up bumping his nose on the window and got a small cut under his nose.

Any time we have trauma with The Superhero his BG CRASHES, FAST.

I checked Dexie on the way out of the bus, 90 and an arrow straight down. Finger check while we are walking, 91.

Hmmm, not horrible.

I boosted him up with a pack of Smarties and let him sit with the other kids. I went and sat in the back with the other parents.

Then a few minutes later I see him looking around, he could not see me, and was searching for me.

He looked sad and NOT GOOD.

I went around the corner and called him over. Dexie showed 51 ARROW STRAIGHT DOWN! Ugh!

Finger check, 62! Good thing I gave him the Smarties, who knows how low he would have been.

I let him have a juice, then he wanted Skittles, I gave him 5. Then I gave him a granola bar and bolused part of what he had. (I was nervous and did not want to crash him again).

He did NOT want to participate during the rest of story time and was just overall not happy. We left and headed to the bus. We stopped to get a group photo of his class. It took A LOT of convincing to get him to look toward the cameras, but he eventually did.

Then we got on the bus and The Superhero sat next to another little girl (for a minute), before he came to sit with me. He said he was tired and kept putting his head down. Never mind that it was close to 100 degrees and we were on a non-air conditioned school bus, he had been low and was still recovering too. He was miserable.

But, luckily, he recovered enough to enjoy his snack with the class and the final circle time before leaving at the end of the day.

If you ask him what he thought of his field trip, he will tell you he did not like it. He did not have fun. Diabetes ruined his first field trip ever. But, he did enjoy the first part of the bus ride and he enjoyed his snack and circle time after. I just really wanted his first field trip experience to be a good one.

Here are the pictures, with captions, that I took from my phone. Thank goodness for technology! (though I think it is pretty sad that the only way I could figure out how to get the darn pictures off of my phone was to send them to Facebook and then download them from there. Then I deleted them from FB so everyone could see them here for the first time. LOL)

(Waiting with E. outside the bathroom before getting on the bus)

(School shirts on, no more "green" shirt for The Superhero)

(The Superhero sitting with E. on the bus)

(Sitting with class before story time)

(BG after he was searching for me in the crowd)

(no longer listening to me, being grumpy, in true "recovering from a low" fashion)

(Group picture, Teacher #2 on the left, and Teacher #1 on the right)

(Sitting with T., another cutie, before coming to sit with me for the ride back)

(TIRED, SWEATY Superhero)

(Back in green, eating a snack, sitting by cute little E.)


Reyna said...

:(...sorry about the low on his first field trip. Field Trips provide a whole set of challenges for us as D'Rents and for our children. Our schools either want a parent to go (on the bus ride too) or they hire a school nurse...I am one lucky lady...I have heard all schools are not that accomodating (even though they have to be...it is against the law).


Stephanie said...

Aw, I'm so sorry his first field trip was a bummer. ((hugs)). Forget the little girls - he's quite the cutie patootie himself! :)

Jen said...

Stupid D!!I am glad he had fun at least for some of it!

Heather said...

Darn D for ruining his first field trip. Lovebug has her first one in a couple weeks....should be interesting. Glad you got some pictures despite the teacher messing the times up!

Lora said...

I am sorry that D had to show its a double s!!!
The next field trip will be much better :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Darn that D!

Wendy said...

AHHHHAHHHHHHAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a freaking mess! Thank goodness you were there. I had a nightmare flashback to the play area at PV mall for a minute there.

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