Sunday, September 5, 2010

How was YOUR Sunday?

Mine consisted of the following events...

1) 5am-6am The Princess was in my bed, COUGHING. Finally got up at 6 and gave her a breathing treatment.

2) Took my shower.

3) Get Rod off to work. (2nd job on the weekends)

4) Make cranky kids breakfast. They refuse to eat. Both kids don't feel well. The Superhero has a small fever. Give The Superhero TYLENOL without thinking.

5) Call my parents to let them know I will be dropping the kids off early so I can run to the store for cough meds for The Princess. My dad asks me what medicine it is that The Superhero CANNOT have because of his Dexie, OH CRAP! TYLENOL! What was I thinking!?! We have had Dexcom for 9 months and in that time I have NEVER needed to give The Superhero meds for fever, so without thinking I chose to give him tylenol. Oops!

6) Get kids ready to go spend the day with NaNa. Get myself ready for a marketing event at the baseball game. Pack everything we need, including all D-Supplies and The Princess' breathing machine/meds.

7) Get kids in car. Begin drive to my parents house and realize I forgot the ONLY thing The Superhero asked me to bring with us, Toy Story movies to watch on NaNa's couch.

8) The Superhero begins his Not-Feeling-So-Great-MELTDOWN. I tell him I will drop them off and run back home to get his movie when I get The Princess her medicine for the cough.

9) Drop kids off. Run back home and grab both Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2. Run to the store and grab cough meds, more ibuprofen, and some yummy looking powdered donuts.

10) My co-worker meets me at my mom's (thank goodness for Starbucks, and Thanks Kimberly!).

11) Change The Superhero's Dexie site since it is not working and needed to be changed out today anyway. Instructed my mom to start the sensor in about 2 hours when the Tylenol would be out of his system. Then to check his BG 2x 2 hours later. (still kicking myself for giving him TYLENOL)

12) Head to the baseball game for work. Talk to a few interested families. Got to meet one of MY students and another one I enrolled a few months back.

13) Go back to pick up the kids. The Princess was still sleeping, The Superhero was just waking up. He did NOT look good. I went and sat by him and could feel the heat radiating off of him. I asked my mom for a thermometer, which she could not find. So I ran to the store to get one for their house. (and I picked up some GREEN gum, since that is how I convinced The Superhero to let me leave)

14) Get back. The Princess is now also awake and bright, pink cheeks. Not good. Check The Superhero first, 102.1 fever. The Princess next, 101.0 fever.

15) Go in the kitchen to get the meds. Measure 1 tsp for The Princess, she takes it like a champ. Go to give The Superhero his dose, 1 1/2 tsps. He GAGS himself and throws up ALL OVER. He is not a fan of medicine and said it was yucky. I then remembered I bought NEW Ibuporfen this morning at the store and I then PRAYED it was a different flavor. Thank goodness, it WAS. Bubblegum! Smelled just like the yummy antibiotics he liked a few weeks ago. My mom and I convince him to try them, and after some convincing, he did, and he liked it much better. No gagging this time!

16) After a few more minutes and lots of moaning and "I don't feel good" looks from both kids, we decided to take them to Urgent Care. My mom and I packed up the kids and headed out.

17) Urgent care. 2 hours after throat swabs for both, urinalysis completed with catheter for The Princess, ex-rays for The Princess, and a good once over from the doctor and we were on our way. They are fine. Other than a virus/cold. And a side note, the doctor there tonight has volunteered at the local Diabetes camp (7 years ago) and she was telling me how hard it was doing the night checks on the kids and then having to do it all over again the next day/night. She said she has more respect for Diabetes parents than ever before. And that you cannot fully understand unless you live it...I might love her. :-)

18) Pizza at my mom's house for dinner. Praying that works out for The Superhero's BG. I attempted another combo bolus.

19) Head home. Drug up my kids with meds (Ibuprofen for both, and the following for The Princess...prevacid (acid reflux), orapred (steroid for croup), and Triaminic (for the cough) )

20) Give The Princess her breathing treatment. She is almost asleep from the busy day. Rock her for a few minutes. She is a little restless and coughing a ton. But falls asleep anyway.

21) I am sure The Princess will be up again soon and climbing in my bed.


Night all!


Cindy said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading all of that! I hope it's a very short-lived bug for both your babes and that you all get a great night of rest!

Heather said...

Goodness girl! You had quite a day. I hope that things calm down for you today and you are able to enjoy the holiday a little bit. Praying your two kiddo's get feeling better soon!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I hope everyone feels better soon! Also hope they don't pass it onto you! We've been dealing with similar stuff in our house for two weeks straight. I'm exhausted and I think I'm now coming down with something. One of my best friends is a pediatrician and she says she's seeing a lot of back-to-school illnesses, like strep, viruses with fevers, etc. No fun! Sending you best wishes for a healthy house!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Yeeesh! Hopefully today is going much better!

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