Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yep, I am CRAZY...

Wendy over at Candy Hearts came up with this idea to sign up for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Basically, you choose a month and sign up promising to blog EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for an entire MONTH.

Yep, like I said, I am CRAZY! I signed up for September, along with Mrs. Candy Hearts and my good friend Reyna over at Beta Buddies.

I have LOTS of posts started and am REALLY hoping to find the time to complete them and complete my FIRST NaBloPoMo!

I hope to share the stories of our CRAZY life over the next 30 days, AND I want YOU to know, I do NOT expect EVERYONE to comment EVERY DAY, just when you feel the need to. :-)

Wish me luck!


The winner from the Candy Hearts GIVEAWAY was posted last week.

Wendy also introduced the Blogger Basal in that post, and a SUGAR BOLUS which is posted on Hallie's Blog, The Pump and the Princess RIGHT NOW!


Go check it out! I totally want one of these for The Superhero!

Good luck!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy Intuition

I am SO thankful for the Mommy intuition!

I KNEW something was NOT right with The Princess for DAYS now. I kept hearing how she must be getting her molars.

I really had a feeling it was MORE. And, it turns out, I was RIGHT!

After dropping The Princess off at daycare this morning and her FLIPPING because I was leaving, which is SO not like her, I decided to make her a doctor appointment. I picked her up from daycare early, thinking it was just another ear infection. Drove our 30 minutes to the doctor.

Ears are FINE. I mentioned her acid reflux and how I switched her back to the medicine we tried last year, but this forgetful mommy kept forgetting to give her on time. (20 minutes before dinner). I wondered if the dosing was still right since it was written almost a year ago. Dosing was fine. The doc agreed that The Princess' mood COULD be from that flaring up, BUT we tested for strep anyway, just in case.

The doctor came back in and was as shocked as I was, POSITIVE! The Princess JUST had strep 3 WEEKS ago! Since she is allergic to the typical meds they would prescribe for strep, we had to put her on a STRONG dose of Zythromax. I am wondering if it did not kill the strep the first time and it never went away? Or she just caught it again since she goes to daycare and The Superhero goes to preschool.

So, another round of antibiotics. And she is staying home tomorrow from daycare.

I also took The Superhero in to get his throat checked, just in case, and he was negative!

So, I just want to say I am SO thankful for Mommy Intuition! Hopefully now my little girl can start to feel better and sleep better!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Time for a Binkie INTERVENTION

I knew this time was coming. I have been putting it off for a LONG time. The Princess is WAY more attached to the binkie than The Superhero was and it is really starting to mess with her teeth.

It was with The Superhero too, but not as bad, not this young. The Superhero was ALMOST 3 when we decided (with lots of urging from the dentist) it was TIME for him to LOSE it. So, along came Trains, Binkies, and Fairies. This was only 8 months ago. And The Superhero has never looked back. He was old enough to "get" the concept of leaving his binkies behind to play with his trains.

The Princess on the other hand, DOES NOT. She is not even 2 yet. BUT, it is time. And I have decided since she is MORE addicted, she will need A Binkie Intervention. Cold Turkey. It IS happening. And it is GOING to be ROUGH.

Not a day goes by that I see The Princess without her binkie (or bee-bee as she calls it) in her MOUTH. This is probably why she did not talk for a long time. This is NOT good. Here are some pics of her over the past 2 years (almost) with her binkie, ALL THE TIME.

Underneath that binkie is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FACE!

Since I made this decision last weekend I thought it would be best to do this on a day/night when she is not going to daycare the next day so they won't have to deal with it right away.

I decided the Binkie Intervention will begin on Thursday (today). As soon as she gets home from daycare (pick up at 2pm) we will make sure we have ALL that we can find and we will TRASH them ALL.

SO, wish us luck, pray for us, think good thoughts for ALL of us here in this Not-So-Fairytale Adventure. It will be rough, I am sure of it. We will come out on the other end and it will all be ok, hopefully!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Or, almost over anyway.

Here is a run down of MY day...

3:30am (yep, that early) The Princess crawls into bed with Rod and I. This is becoming a habit since she is teething, AGAIN.

5:30am The Princess is READY to get up and she is NOT happy.

6:00am I make Rod get up with The Princess while I take a shower. I check The Superhero's Dexie first, 186, Ahhh, Finally! A number in the 100's!

6:30am I join The Princess in the livingroom while Rod takes his turn getting ready for the day. I check email/FB/blog/etc.

6:50am I decide it is time to go check The Superhero and get him up. We decide what to eat for breakfast (bagels, because I bought the cinnamon ones he likes, or at least used to, keep reading...) ---Bolus The Superhero for part of said bagel.

7:05am The kids sit at the table to eat. The Superhero FREAKS out because he DOES NOT like THAT kind of bagel and wants Daddy's PLAIN bagel instead. This is the SAME plain bagel he refused to eat just last week. Alright, switch bagels with Daddy.

7:30am Rod leaves for work and I get the kids ready for school. The Superhero has pre-school today and The Princess has Daycare (more about that in another post).

7:55am The Superhero, The Princess and I leave for school. Backpacks, lunch boxes, purse, Diabetes supplies, etc. in hand.

7:57am The Superhero complains of his pump site hurting. I asked if we should stop at NaNa's and change it before school or after school, he said we should change it on Sunday. Hmmm..Ok, I guess we will stop on the way. Quick call to Pompa to ask him to get the supplies ready for us. (because this tired, exhausted mommy does not carry pump supplies with her since we started school and cleaned out our bag).

8:00am Quick stop at NaNa and Pompa's for a site change. The Superhero got his gum treat and we we one our way to school in a few short minutes. Pump battery has 2 bars, as it has for a few days. It was on my agenda to change it at the next change, which I was not planning on doing until later today. I don't want Awesome Nurse S. to be without IOB info, and that means waiting to change the battery.

8:15am Arrive at pre-school to drop off The Superhero. Check Dexie, 326 arrows UP, YIKES! Check IOB, lots of insulin, leave it. Let Teacher #1 know he is high, but should come down soon. If he continues to rise, Call Awesome Nurse S. Let both teachers know that The Superhero's NaNA will be picking him up today.

8:30am Arrive at the Daycare and drop off The Princess. Discuss with teachers about her crankiness and teething. I also reminded them of the impending Binkie Intervention (post to come tomorrow).

8:45am Arrive back home to get some work done. Conference calls scheduled for 9am, 9:30am, 10am, and a math class at 11am.

9:00am Complete 504 meeting for a family in my class.

9:20am Cell phone rings. Uh oh! Awesome Nurse S. calling to let me know that The Superhero is 367 and the remote recommends giving 0.6 units, I asked her to give him 0.4 units since he will be running around like a crazy child at recess soon. (0.4 is still quite a bit for The Superhero). She then tells me that the meter says "low battery". Ugh! I knew I should have just changed out the battery this morning! Does this mean the meter battery or the pump battery?

9:25am Rush to send messages to my 9:30am and 10am conference calls to re-schedule for the afternoon. Grab some batteries and head to the school.

9:45am Arrive at school. Change batteries in both the meter and in the pump. Confirm the pump asking what type of battery. Lock buttons on pump. Let The Superhero run off to recess.

10:00am Since I re-scheduled my calls and have nothing now until 11am, I decided to make a "quick" trip to Target. I needed to pick up The Superhero's insulin and a few other things. (including extra batteries to keep at SCHOOL)

10:30am Arrive back home in time to log in to my math class. Throw in some laundry really quick. Check in with Awesome Nurse S. The Superhero was down to 170's after recess. AND then THE PROBLEM. This tired, exhausted brain of mine FORGOT that changing the battery in the pump has more STEPS to the process! Awesome Nurse S. could not bolus The Superhero. I walked her through the rest of the battery change necessities, rewind, load cartridge, and prime the pump. Re-hook The "Bionic" Superhero back up to his pump. And off he goes!

11:00am Math class. Man THIS hour flew by today!

12:00pm Check in with NaNa to make sure The Superhero is doing ok. BG came down ok. He ate lunch. She bolused. Then she fought LOWS all afternoon. CRAZY day!

12:30pm Conference Calls begin. Oh wait, did I forget to eat lunch? Quick, make a bagel and cram it down before the next call!

1:30pm Calls done. Tie up loose ends with email, etc for work.

2:00pm Leave to pick up The Princess. She is happy as can be at daycare. The go to get The Superhero from NaNa's.

2:30pm Stop for a quick car wash. (the kids thought this was TOO cool)

3:00pm Home! Just in time to get MORE work done while listening to CRANKY, WHINY kids.

5:30pm Make a quick "dinner" for the kids. Keep working in the meantime.

6:00pm Clean the kitchen, has not been cleaned in DAYS.

6:30pm Get the CRANKY Princess ready for bed. Fight her for over an hour to fall asleep.

7:45pm Check in with FB and email for a little ME time.

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! What a day!

And on a funny note, I asked Awesome Nurse S. how The Superhero did at his pre-recess check (when he was really high) and she said he was a little ornery. He kept asking her "Are you DONE with ME yet???" A little sassiness in his voice. LOL!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a LITTLE less BUSY!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Day of Pre-School for The Superhero

Well, we made it through another day of pre-school. He came home ALIVE. Here is a run down of the 3 hours of school today...

7:15am - Refused to eat breakfast. Ate roughly 2 grapes, received bolus for said grapes. BG was ok when we left at 7:50am.

8:00am - Drop off at school. Start temp basal, -40% for 1 1/2 hours. Check Dexie, 172 double arrows UP.

9:25am - Call from Awesome Nurse S. The Superhero had gone low. Dexie beeped. Teachers saw 65 double arrows down. Called Nurse. She told them to give him a juice while she headed over. Finger poke revealed a number in the 50's. Granola bar to go with juice. (turns out juice given was the incorrect juice, they ended up only giving him a 2g carb juice. These 2g juices were meant for snack time) Re-checked 15 minutes after low, up to 90 something.

9:30am - Re-check finger. Up to 172. Sent to recess.

9:45am-10:15am - Juice hits The Superhero's bladder, and he does NOT have time to make it to the potty. He pees in the sand at recess. Teachers were not able to find his change of clothes (in his BACKPACK) and he came home wearing school clothes. (see picture below)

10:15am-11:15am - The rest of the day went fine. BG cooperated.

11:15am - My wonderful friend Kate picked The Superhero up from pre-school and brought him home just after I finished my work meeting online.

So, overall, things went ok. The teachers did MUCH better responding to Dexie, and to Diabetes. (other than giving him a 2g juice for a low) They even remembered to document in his little notebook I provided for that purpose! Progress is being made.

Since The Superhero has gotten home, I have called Awesome Nurse S., Teacher #1, and have changed The Superhero back into his own clothes.

Rod and I have now made the decision that The Superhero MUST eat a full breakfast, or he is not allowed to go to school. Period.

And now for the pictures of what The Superhero came home wearing...

Yep, that's right, The Superhero, my little BOY came home wearing pretty girl panties. I can't help but laugh. Since he is only 3, he did not think anything about it.

And here's hoping we have a successful week of pre-school!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Supporting Diabetes Research

***Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to start a debate. I am honestly interested in other people's opinions, thoughts, research, etc so I can make my own decision on fund raising efforts. PLEASE do NOT attack any other commenters about their own opinions or thoughts. Thank you.***

Ok, now that THAT is out of the way, let me give some back ground before I get to my question.

When The Superhero was diagnosed with T1 in July 2008, it was a few months before the local JDRF walk. It was also only a few months before The Princess was due to be born. Since the timing of the walk and the timing of The Princess coincided, we did not participate in the walk. Not to mention being SUPER overwhelmed by being newly diagnosed with a T1 Diabetic toddler.

Fast forward one year, local walk 2009. I signed us up to walk. We raised some money. THEN The Superhero got SICK. We were admitted to the hospital the day before the walk. We missed the walk.

Now, fast forward to THIS year, 2010. Our walk is a few months away. I did sign us up a few months ago because I got the email. I have now been thinking a lot about this and whether or not I really want to walk.

Not because I don't want a cure, because OF COURSE I DO.

BUT how do I know if I am funding the right research? Is JDRF really where I want my money to go? Have I done enough research of my own to feel I am making the right decision for US, and not just doing it because that is what everyone else does?

Today a lot of local families are attending the walk kick off gatherings. I thought about going, and honestly might have, if it weren't at a WATER PARK. This is not my idea of a good time with 2 toddlers, one with T1 Diabetes. So I opted not to go. And this has gotten me thinking more and more about whether or not I even have it in me to raise the money and do the walk if my heart is not fully in IT.

I have been doing a little research into JDRF and into other T1 Diabetes Researchers, namely, Dr. Denise Faustman. She has done some amazing research and is currently conducting Phase II HUMAN clinical trials! THIS has me SO excited that a CURE could be as soon as 10 years out!

BUT, she is PRIVATELY funded. JDRF does not support her research. I have heard her research is controversial. I have heard her possible "cure" would not be a money maker since it would potentially be CHEAP for people/insurance companies, therefore the BIG pharmaceutical companies won't fund her.

SO, how do I know I should be sending my financial support to her? What if she DOES find this cure? It would be so exciting to know I was a part of THAT.

Now don't get me wrong, I love JDRF. They have been a great resource for family support, etc. I appreciate what they are doing too, but I REALLY want a CURE for my baby. And I am not sure they will be the ones helping to find it.

I mean, since we don't really know what this cure will be, we have no idea who will find it, or who will have funded it.

So that brings me to my question for YOU...

Do you support JDRF, Faustman, or both in some way? And WHY?

I honestly want to know what YOU think. Even if you have NEVER posted on my blog, I am genuinely interested in everything everyone has to say regarding Diabetes Research and the support that goes along with it.

And, we are signed up for the local walk. Now I just have to decide if I REALLY want to participate.

Friday, August 20, 2010



It is OVER!

And I have to say I am SO thankful I brought along Wendy (Mrs.CandyHearts), otherwise the group of 7 other people MIGHT have overwhelmed me!

We had our meeting in The Superhero's classroom, so we had the great pleasure of sitting in the tiny, yellow, pre-school sized chairs. I was not exactly sure who all would be in attendance. We ended up with quite a crowd making up the team of 504 Evaluators.

We had...

1) School Assistant Principal (she facilitated the meeting)
2) The Preschool program health coordinator (I think that was her title)
3) The Superhero's Teacher #1
4) The Superhero's Teacher #2
5) Awesome Nurse S.
6) Awesome Nurse S.'s Assistant
7) School District Nursing Coordinator (DNC) (if you read one of my last posts, you know she was also my grade school nurse, WEIRD, in a good way)

8) Wendy (WOO HOO!)
9) Me

All there to come up with and finalize the plan for The Superhero.

At first it seemed as though the Assistant Principal was going to try to avoid the 504. She kept asking me questions about whether or not I REALLY thought The Superhero's Diabetes would affect him in preschool.

I continued to tell her that YES it will! High and low blood sugars affect the way he acts and in turn the way he participates in the class.

So YES a 504 Plan is completely NECESSARY and not just a "Health Plan".

When we handed her a copy of the 504 I wrote (copied from Wendy mostly), and she almost seemed defensive at first. She said we "as a team" would write the 504, IF he qualified.

Well, he qualified (DUH!), and on the plan she had she ended up writing "see attached plan". The District Nurse Coordinator(DNC) kept saying "This is a really well written plan."

I was happy that the DNC was a GREAT advocate for The Superhero and Diabetes. She made sure the school knew they need to have people besides Awesome Nurse S. and her assistant trained to care for The Superhero, just in case they are both not there.

Everyone went along with everything in my plan. And now we get to enjoy the rest of our first year of pre-school without the wonder of "if there will be a 504". It is done.

Thank you to EVERYONE for comments, FB messages, and emails supporting me and helping me get through all of this.

Again, whew! Sigh of relief!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We made it!

I can't believe we are here, but we have SURVIVED our first week of pre-school!

Our first day did NOT go well. Our second day was better. Our third day was good in the beginning, and then turned downward toward the end of the day, though, not horrible.

BUT, the 4th day was by far the BEST one yet!

The Superhero wanted french toast for breakfast today, NOT what I wanted him to have. I did not have long enough to pre-bolus and I HATE guessing how much he will eat. He ended up being 285 and climbing when I dropped him off.

When the nurse came to check him at 9:30, he was down to a nice 186. She let him go to recess with no snack, per our guidelines. She came back in and checked him at snack time and he was 120. Bolused and moved on! When I picked him up an hour later, he was a nice 170 (climbing a little).

And finally before lunch, he was steady at 221! Now, I have NO idea what his BG is like now since the Super Smart Superhero has figured out how to "stop sensor" and then I have to re-start it. 2 hour warm up, unnecessarily!

But, we SURVIVED! Woo Hoo!

Now here's to hoping and praying our meeting goes well tomorrow morning!

Thank you to everyone for your support this week, it has sure been a CRAZY one!

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**P.S. if you win and you don't have a blog... you could always share the dotty dot gift with me :) Good Luck

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Update Day 3, Part 2

Ahhh, we are home! The day went MUCH better than the first 2 days this week.

The nurse called me once to double check the "high" message on Dexie. No biggie.

I called her to check in after his pre-recess BG check and snack. He was 150ish, ate his snack, and was bolused for 1/2 of the carbs.
After recess he was again 150ish! Woo Hoo!

I did -40% temp basal today, instead of -30% like yesterday. I wanted to bump him up a little more, and it appears it worked well. I think I will only do it for 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 hours though, that could be why he was a little high when I picked him up too.

THEN he ate snack with the class. He ate part of the cereal that was offered and drank ALL of his milk. The nurse came and bolused for the snack, but missed the carb count on the milk. I will be emailing her to verify the correct carbs for 1 carton of milk soon.

He was pretty high when I got there, 290's with double arrows UP. Finger check at home showed 347 with 1 arrow up. :-(
I bolused for that and for the ENORMOUS amount of carbs he ate (PB&J, and grapes=122 grams carbs--we have to double the actual amount of carbs in a PB&J sandwich for him, not sure why, but it works)

I got this message from his meter (never seen before!)...

Adjusted the amount of insulin he can receive in 2 hours up to 4 units. Crazy to think how much he is growing like a weed right now!

And on the 504/Health Plan note...I sent my email confirming the meeting for a 504 on Friday to the nurse, teachers, principal, and District 504 person. I received an email back from the principal! I take that as a positive sign. He was just saying "Thanks, See you Friday." I made sure to include that I would be bringing The Superhero's advocate with me.

I also stopped by Awesome Nurse S.'s office on my way to pick up The Superhero. I needed to drop off his extra bottle of insulin since I have been forgetting all week. While I was there she introduced me to the District Nursing Coordinator (DNC). She was there to develop The Superhero's Health Plan with the nurse. We will see what they come up with. BUT, the DNC looked SO familiar to me. So I asked her if she used to work at the High School I went to, she said no, but that she had worked at K. Elementary School! That is the school I went to from 3rd-8th grade! I totally remember her! Such a small world!

Then we talked about The Superhero a little bit and his diagnosis, etc. I watched the 2 other D kids in the school come in and check their BG before lunch. They were both older girls (I guess around 4th grade or above). They did it ALL on their own. I was impressed.

So, overall, I am SUPER happy with how today went. My little boy is still alive, even with HIGH numbers now, I think it went well. More adjustments for tomorrow, but definitely getting better each day.

Now hoping the tomorrow continues to go well, and the "meeting" on Friday is ok too!

School Update Day 3, Part 1

Well, I dropped The Superhero off at pre-school this morning.

We went in and talked to the Awesome Nurse S., and yes, that is now officially her name. She is going to go and check The Superhero before recess, give him a snack, come back and check him after recess and wait with him until he finishes his snack with the class.

What can I say, she is seeming more and more Awesome as the week goes on. I feel like she truly does get it and wants to help me feel ok leaving him there.

Then we walked over to The Superhero's class and I took him in.

I explained to the teacher that his Diego backpack MUST go with him whenever they leave the room. I made sure she knew that meant to the bathroom and to recess, since she has not been as on top of this as she needs to be.

She then asked me if I was staying, and I told her I was not. I let her know that Awesome Nurse S. would be in to check him before recess and after recess. If they had any concerns in between, to call Awesome Nurse S. and she would take care of him, and call me as needed.

She seemed a little worried about this. But I checked The Superhero and he was a nice 172 at the time. I knew Dexie would be beeping soon, since his high setting is 180 and his breakfast was still bringing him up some. I let his teacher know if it beeped, they could clear away the "high BG" message.

And I left.

I left my baby in the care of his teachers. I hate that I have to think about Diabetes ruining his school day and having to leave him to someone else who is supposed to keep him ALIVE until I get there. Leaving today, was much harder than I thought it would be. I cried a little in the car, and then more after I dropped The Princess off at her daycare.

It will be ok. It will be ok.

Also, I got a note from the teacher letting me know the "Health Plan" meeting is scheduled for this Friday. Note it did not say 504 Plan. Hmmm...Do they think I am going to forget that they have to follow the LAW.

Per The Superhero's Advocate (Mrs.CandyHearts), I will send another email to the school as I did the other day letting them know I got the notice and that The Superhero's Advocate and I will see them Friday for the 504 Meeting.

We will see how it goes. I am NOT backing down. And I am BEYOND thankful to have someone to help me through this. I seriously don't know if I could do it on my own. My first thought was to just pull him out of the school and try again next year when he is older, but I know that is not the best thing for him. He wants to go to school. He wants to use scissors. He really wants to paint. And at the end of all of this, he WILL get to do those things!

As of a few minutes ago, I already heard from the nurse. She called my cell phone. Good thing I took it to the bathroom with me! Sorry Awesome Nurse S. Yes, I answered your phone call while I was in the bathroom, but it is better than missing the call entirely.

She wanted to let me know that Dexie beeped when The Superhero was above 180 and the teacher was not sure how to clear the message. So she was calling me to confirm what needed to be done. I am totally fine with the call. I would much rather them call me tons than not at all if they are having any concerns or questions.

I will post another update about his day once school is out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pre-School Update

After yesterday, I did NOT feel comfortable leaving The Superhero at school alone. I had meetings scheduled this morning, and I am lucky enough to have The Superhero's Pompa to go with him.

I was a little curious how it would go today since I sent the official request for a 504 yesterday afternoon, via email.

Since The Superhero went low during class yesterday, I decided we would try a temp basal decrease (-30% of his basal for 2 hours).

Pompa took The Superhero to school and the teacher checked him on her own this morning! At that time he was around 97 and steady. She asked Pompa what he would do, he told her he suggests re-checking Dexie in 15 minutes.

Amazingly, 15 minutes later, she remember to check him and wrote down the number. He was still in the 90's and steady! Woo Hoo! The temp basal appears to be working!

Close to recess time, it was decided that The Superhero should be checked by the nurse to verify these AWESOME numbers they were seeing. And to make sure he was going to be ok before recess.

Our Awesome Nurse S. (yes, I have decided I like her a lot) came in and checked The Superhero. He was 102! Great number, but a little low for recess playing (ie: running around like a CRAZY boy). So they gave him a granola bar (18g carbs) and he was able to play with the other kids.

When they came inside, Dexie was checked again, he was in the mid 100's (around 150). He ate his snack and then nurse came in. They checked his BG, he was around 200 (probably from the food he had already eaten). They bolused. And he made it through another day.

Though it sounds as if it all went ok, we have some things that need changing/adjusting before tomorrow.

  • The teachers MUST take his supplies with them every time they leave the room. They did not take the bag when they took the class to the bathroom or to recess. (my dad grabbed it at recess)
  • His snack must NOT be thrown away before the nurse can see how much was eaten/not eaten.
  • The nurse will need to come check his BG and bolus before he eats his snack. If he then does not eat his snack, the nurse should be called again to supply some alternative snack.
  • The snack he eats before recess will need to be bolused for partially. He was a little higher than he should be after recess, and continued to go up because of the granola bar.
I typed up these notes for the teacher and the nurse tomorrow. I also called the nurse to let her know my plan. I am having her go in and check him at 9:30am and after recess (around 10:15am).

I am NOT planning on staying tomorrow, unless something comes up. They can call me or my mom if they need us and we can be there FAST.

As of this afternoon, I have not heard anything about the 504 meeting. I am hoping to get a response and get it taken care of this week. We shall see. I will keep updating you all on how things are going.

Wish us luck on improvements for tomorrow!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The time has come...

for The Superhero to GO TO SCHOOL!

AND, it did NOT go well today!

Our day started ok. We woke up and got ready. He was looking pretty snazzy in his new shirt and shoes...

I dropped him off at school so I could take The Princess to daycare. His BG at drop off was 253 (via Dexie).

I came back about 20 minutes later. He was playing and having a good time. I heard Dexie beep. I had him tell his teacher that Dexie beeped (trying to train them). He was dropping, FAST.

We decided he needed to go to the nurse to verify what his BG really was. On the way to the nurse's office (me, Teacher #1, and The Superhero) Teacher # told me that if they had to take him to the nurse's office regularly it might be a PROBLEM.

That's right folks, she said it might be a PROBLEM! Seriously?!

Now, I know she did not mean The Superhero was a problem, or that she really minded taking him to the nurse. She was concerned about the ratio of kids left in the room with Teacher #2.

I get that.

Really, I do.

BUT a whole slew of emotions ran through me thinking my kid was a problem. Diabetes was a problem. Ugh! The day was going *ok* until then! She also told me on the way to the nurse that we needed to have a meeting with the pre-school director, herself and the nurse to develop a plan of care for The Superhero. She said it would not be a 504, just a plan they use for preschool.

***Please note that I requested THIS type of a meeting WEEKS ago before school started. At that time the teacher felt I could just meet with her and the nurse separately and we would work it all out. I developed a "health plan" using the 504 Wendy has listed on her blog. I reviewed it with the teacher and the nurse and thought everything was peachy. ***

We get to the nurse's office and I just lost it. I started bawling LIKE A BABY.

I started getting all of those post-diagnosis emotions running through me.

Why? Why MY kid? Why can't he just go to pre-school without THIS crap happening? This is NOT fair! Why can't he just go to school like the other kids!?

Tears, and MORE tears come out of me as I try to explain what the nurse needs to do. Check BG, 70. Fruit snacks, The Superhero was SO EXCITED, we don't normally have those, so he did not mind getting a treat. I on the other hand was still crying uncontrollably.

After The Superhero finished his treat I sent him back to class with his teacher while I consoled myself and told the nurse what the teacher had said. She did not seem thrilled about the teacher's reaction to taking The Superhero to the office. She told me developing a plan would be a good idea and that the district might be able to get an aide just to follow The Superhero around ALL DAY LONG.

I don't want to get my hopes up, BUT this would be awesome!

We continued the school day by re-checking The Superhero's blood sugar prior to him going to recess. He was up to 97 at that point. We gave him a granola bar to keep his BG steady while he played on the playground for 30 MINUTES in 100+ degree weather, with LOTS of humidity.

Dexie checked during playtime, 124 and steady. Woo Hoo.

We come inside and he is checked again, 127 and steady. Woo Hoo!

Snack time for the rest of the kids. The Superhero is offered snack but chooses not to eat it, though I think he drank some of the milk. (more than I thought, for sure!)

He ended the day ok, other than his mood being off because he was going UP, UP, UP at that point from the aforementioned milk he drank. He did not want to sit in the circle with the other kids. He finally participated around the last 5 minutes.

He is not sure if he likes school so far. He was very upset he did not get to paint or use scissors yet, but he did enjoy playing most of the time.

After coming home, Wendy stopped by to chat with me. I had texted her that school did not go well, and being the SUPER, AWESOME friend she is, she stopped by. Of course, it helped that she was down the street having lunch.

Since she has literally been HERE when Sugar was in pre-k a few years ago, I knew she would be able to help me. She is planning on coming to The Superhero's meeting, once it is scheduled. She convinced me that we need to push for the 504, since legally, they should be doing it anyway. I am sure she will be the best advocate we could have in this situation.

SO, I sent an official request to the school district. I WANT a 504, and I sent them a copy of the plan I want. I am not sure when the meeting will be, but I will blog about it afterward.

Also, a side note. I am working on re-doing this whole blog. But this post could not wait for the re-design. So, please pardon my mess.

Please PRAY this works itself out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caution: Under Construction

This blog is now Under Construction. Wendy, at http://www.candyheartsblog.com/ has inspired me to make some changes around here.

I am also inspired to get back into this crazy blogging world.So, like it or not, change is coming...

Keep checking back to see the new blog come to life!
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