Friday, September 24, 2010

Siblings, UGH...

(Day 24 of NaBloPoMo)

What is it about siblings that make their relationship completely different from other person to person relationships?

I mean, seriously, do they have to fight about/over EVERYTHING?

I always thought having the kids close together would be GREAT. They would be able to play together and have fun.

Which they do.


But I swear it seems more often than not lately that they are FIGHTING like CRAZY. Not just bickering, or "That's mine" kind of fights. The Superhero and The Princess fight so hard that someone always ends up crying and getting hurt in some way or another.

And example from last week that ended ok, after I intervened. It might have gotten ugly if not.

We have 2 pillows for the living room that the kids LOVE. They like to lay on them ALL the time on the couch.

The problem comes when one of them is laying down and then gets up. Then the sibling comes over and lays down on the SAME pillow. Then child #1 comes back in and FREAKS out because he/she wants THAT pillow.

The other pillow, which is the SAME, is NOT good enough at that moment. So, then they FIGHT over ONE pillow while the other pillow sits there useless.

COME ON, it is the SAME pillow! Why do we have to fight over this? Ugh!

On this particular day, I intervened and convinced them to SHARE the ONE pillow they both wanted. It worked .This time.

And they were pretty cute, THIS time.


Reyna said...

It sounds like we are living at the same house! LOL. Actually for like 85% of the time Bridget and Joe get along really well...but the 15 % they are not is PAINFUL.

Brian said...

We are already seeing the little sibling rivalries too. Our boys are 3 years apart, but the 18 month old thinks he can do everything the 4 year old can. It has lead to some interesting showdowns. I feel your pain!

Kelly said...

I planned to have my kids close didnt happen, probably cuz I would have lost my mind! :) So true....nothing like siblings! At least THIS time they are totally cute! I miss my little ones!

Nicole said...

very cute...I don't think my kids would share a pillow on a good day!!

Heather said...

My girls fight horribly. Knock down, drag down fights. Crazy how siblings can do that!

Wendy said...

I so feel your pain with this one. LOVE THEM TO DEATH, but MAN the bickering is enough to drive me over the edge sometimes!

But they ARE pretty cute. Gotta give them credit for that ;)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

"He took my..."

"She hit me!"



Love them! Hate their arguments!

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