Monday, October 4, 2010

Ear Update

I have been writing my blog post update post in my head for days! I have not had time to get it typed up. BUT I did not want to wait to update you all on The Princess' ears!


We took her to the doctor last Wednesday and started antibiotics. Went back on Friday because she was not improving AT ALL. The doctor on Friday (we had been seeing the Nurse Prac. the other days) could not believe how bad her left ear was! She insisted we get into the ENT that day!

So she called and got us an appointment. We went from one docs office, quick drive through McD's and off to the ENT.

He said her ear was bad, but did not require an emergency surgery the same day. We would schedule it for Tuesday.

With Tuesday being surgery day, that meant NO motrin for 3 days before surgery! That mean ONE CRANKY PRINCESS ALL WEEKEND LONG.

She has been miserable and it gets worse by the day.

Today was the first time at daycare that they told me she cried at nap time. The director had to come and hold her until she fell asleep. :-(

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am tomorrow. So, if you could all say a little prayer for my Princess tonight through surgery time, I would appreciate it.

I know this surgery is "no big deal", but she still has to be put under. And there are always risks. But, I know she will feel a TON better with tubes!

I will update again tomorrow if I can.


Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

sending big hugs your way and hopes for a speedy recovery

htimm=) said...

You can count on our prayers! I'm so glad she got her new baby just in time for surgery.

Meri said...

I am so happy she is going to get some relief! I have so many to pray for tonight! I will put the princess on top of my list!

Kelly said...

((HUGS)) for you both, and lots of prayers!!

Reyna said...

THinking of you Tracy and hoping for a speedy surgery and recovery for Princess...(((HUGS)))

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Just had a chance to read this, and I know she's out of surgery now. Want you to know she's been in my thoughts. I hope the worst is over now, and she can just be the happy little girl that she is. Here's to better days ahead!

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