Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Diabetes MeMe...

My turn with the meme courtesy Mrs.CandyHearts...who was tagged by OUR DIABETIC LIFE....who was tagged by HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM…who was tagged by, MY DIABETIC CHILD…who was tagged by I AM YOUR PANCREAS…who was tagged by, BETA BUDDIES…who was tagged by A SWEET GRACE who accepted the meme challenge from SIX UNTIL ME…

What type of diabetes do you have:

I'm a PofCWD....Parent of a Child With Diabetes. The Superhero has Type 1 Diabetes (because I fed him too much sugar, of course)

When were you diagnosed:

He was dx on 7/10/08 at the age of 18 months

What's your current blood sugar:

Going to check...(7pm, he is getting ready for bed anyway)

Ugh! Did you REALLY have to ask?

311 !!! Double Arrows up, not good. :-(

We had a HUGE battle at dinner tonight and did not pre-bolus anything. :-(

(side note: Just re-checked…8:21pm…388! Then it hits me, I forgot to bolus for the antibiotics tonight! And the darn pharmacist who was trying to help me out added flavor to the meds, which means “carbs”. I have been bolusing for the 3 doses per day, forgot tonight.)


What kind of meter do you use:

Animas PING One Touch remote. We still occasionally use the Freestyle Lite at night time, because I LOVE that little light on the end.

How many times per day do you check your blood sugar:

8 - 10 times

What is a "HIGH" number for you:

250. But I treat anything out of range.

What do you consider "LOW":

Anything under 80. Taking all variables into account of course.

What is your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater:

Juicy Juice 4oz box, skittles, marshmallows, M&M's, Smarties, granola bars. It just depends on how LOW the low is, and if he just needs a boost. And sometimes we bolus part of the low snack too.

It amazes me how he can eat marshmallows in his sleep. He even told Rod "Thank you" last night for them.

Describe your dream endo:

Well, since I am pretty sure we have her, this is what I would say about her. I like that she takes the time to establish a relationship with both The Superhero and with me. She always return e-mails or respond to requests for help as promptly as possible. She really "gets" toddlers. And her son has the SAME name as The Superhero, so she has great taste. :-)

Who's on your support team:

God. I know somehow, ALL of this, is in His plan. And someday, we will see the whole picture.

Rod....He is the BEST night time pancreas we could ask for (other than the REAL one of course). He takes most of the nights so I can sleep/take care of the non-sleeping Princess.

My Dad....He has been SO involved since Day 1. He has learned everything with us along the way and has been to almost all of The Superhero's Endo appts. I have NO idea how we would do all of this without him. (he is even watching The Superhero most of the time while I go out of town next week, yep, he is THAT awesome!)

My mom...She has become a natural in taking care of Diabetes. Even though it was not easy from the beginning, the Dexcom has helped her build her confidence and she helps regularly watch The Superhero.

Awesome Nurse S....There is NO WAY I could send The Superhero to school without her there. I just don't trust his teachers. She takes awesome care of The Superhero and is learning to make judgment calls on her own.

And last, but not least, YOU, the D.O.C. I would never survive without you.
Enough said.

(this was also included in Diabetes Blog Week Day 3)

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime:

I don't know. I REALLY hope, and pray so. I know it is all in God’s plan, someday.

What is a "cure" to you:

No external devices hooked up 24/7. No complications or side effects. No finger pokes. No worry.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is:

Like everyone else, I have heard it ALL too. The one that DRIVES ME CRAZY is when people ask “How is he doing with his Diabetes? Has his blood sugar been ok?”

I stopped giving a long answer/explanation of how his blood sugar will always fluctuate no matter what I do. And I just answer “Yes, it is has been ok”. (while gritting my teeth)


That because he was so young when he was diagnosed, we caught it early.

Being diagnosed at a young age does not necessarily mean we caught it early. He was in a coma. Hours from death. We did not catch it early!

The most common misconception about diabetes:

That it is easy or “no big deal”. Just because it is not a visible disability, does not make it “easy”.

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be:
Seriously? Why did you have to crap out on us?!

(Rod says “F You”)

And now my turn to nominate someone else to take on the meme challenge, and I'm nominating my friend, and awesome D Mama, HEIDI!!!!!! Take it away, my friend.....

D Tales


Wendy said...

Well, don't worry....at least he got the SUGA so young that he'll be able to grow out of it.

Or at least drink a snazzy drink or something to make it better.

Cindy said...

I love reading these, but man, I cried, thinking about your little baby in a coma! Just hearing that makes me wish I could send you a big hug through the computer to you! Thank you for sharing!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Thanks for tagging me! I had fun playing along.

I'm right there with Rod. F you, pancreas!

Reyna said...

GREAT MeMe sistah! I too hate when people ask about the "sugars" being under control. I know they are just trying to be supportive, but it is a hard question to answer...briefly.

Laura said...

I agree with Rod!! :)
Great post, Friend!!!

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