Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It is time...

(Day7 of NaBloPoMo)

for our Quarterly Endo appointment! I don't know why, but I really don't get nervous about them. I know we are doing the best we can (most of the time), and despite my Diabetes funk lately, I think we have been doing ok.

We are doing what we can to keep The Superhero in range as much as possible. I am *hoping* for an A1C in the 7's, but will be "ok" with anywhere up to 8.2. Higher than that, and I would be surprised.

Here are a few other links about how some of us D'Rents view Endo Appointments...

Meri @Our Diabetic Life posted about Murphy's Law and Endo appts
Lora @My Diabetic Child posted about Dreading the Endo appt AND about how it ended up being Not bad at all.

And my own...The Curse of the Dreaded Endo Appointment and the follow up All the HARD Work being a pancreas

Wish us luck at our appointment today! I will update this evening.


Reyna said...

Good luck Tracy! I'll be thinking of you guys today.

Cindy said...

Good luck!

Meri said...

Good luck at your appointment! But you won't need it, all your hard work is going to pay off!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Good Luck - and remember ANYTHING in the 8's is considered GREAT for kiddos the Superhero's age! =)

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