Sunday, September 19, 2010

A very Meri GIVEAWAY...

Forget Oprah, she's got nothing on Meri!

Check out this AWESOME giveaway over at Our Diabetic Life.

If you have never been there, PLEASE read through some of her posts. She is one of the many bloggers I enjoy reading regularly. She is the mom to 4 boys, THREE of which have Diabetes.


AND they have a Diabetic alert dog, who is just plain awesome too!

Love you, Meri, and I LOVE your giveaway!


D Tales
And if you want to check out who won last week's giveaway over at D-Tales, go on over HERE and check it out!


mrskatv said...

I finally got a "blog" so that I can "follow" you and leave comments! YAY!

Meri said...

Thanks for the shout out dear Tracy. I hope tonight is better for the princess!

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