Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mommy, My Tummy Hurts

Something the Parent of a Child with Diabetes NEVER likes to hear.

BUT, in our house, when The Superhero says this, he USUALLY just needs to go potty. You see, he can hold his bladder like no other and wait until that very last second before he heads in to release a gallon of pee. No joking. (ok, I don't measure it, but you get the picture)

Well, his epiphany of needing to potty USUALLY happens the second we sit down for breakfast in the morning. And today, like every other day, he sat down to eat, said his tummy hurt, then he JUMPED up and ran to the potty.

He came back and started eating. Then he kept saying his tummy hurt. I told him if he did not eat, we were NOT going to church.

You see, I already pre-bolused part of his breakfast, as I always try to do, especially when we are eating FRENCH TOAST. So now, he has 1/2 unit on board (1:30 ratio). This is A LOT of insulin for The Superhero.

He proceeds to eat anyway, because otherwise he knows we are NOT going to church.

Then I hear him coughing, as I am weighing out his grapes that he whined for, I look over and see him THROWING UP.


Ok, did he just choke on his food, or was his tummy REALLY upset, this time???

He had chugged 1/2 his milk before throwing up, and had a few pieces of the aforementioned french toast.

And now it was all sitting in his lap and on the table. Yuck! And Oh CRAP!

Clean him up. Check BG, 168. Check ketones, 0.1.

Tell The Superhero that we are NOT going to be able to go to church today because he just got sick from breakfast. Now I have to watch him more closely until that IOB is out of his system. (did a -50% temp basal to combat the IOB as well)

And sadly watch as the TEARS well up in The Superhero's eyes because we are not going to church AGAIN today. We have not been in WEEKS because someone has been sick every weekend.

All he wanted was to go see his friends.

And even more than that, he REALLY wanted to go see his Daddy. (he works at the church on the weekends, second job).

Seeing the tears in my sad little Superhero's eyes this morning, makes me cry too.

I hate Diabetes.

I hate that Diabetes is holding him back from seeing his friends and going to church.

And now, keeping him away from his Daddy today.


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Awww, I'm sorry Tracy. :(

Hope the Superhero is all better soon and hope the rest of you stay healthy!

connie said...

Oh Tracy! Your poor little Superhero :( I hope that he feels better soon, tummy aches are the worst...especially when they are throwing up!


I will be thinking of you and your little one today hoping for a speedy recovery :)

Jen said...

I am crying too! Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon..

WendyP said...

So sorry Superhero. Hope you feel better soon!

Reyna said...

MUAHHHH to you and the Superhero. I hope he is feeling better by now and that he did not develop ketones.

Wendy said...




I hope he's feeling better...hugs to all of you from me.

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