Saturday, September 4, 2010


(Day 4 of NaBloPoMo)

tired brain forgets things. 2 years into the battle with Diabetes, I still forget things. You would think that after all this time, I would remember EVERYTHING I need to take with me/The Superhero when going out.

Now that both kids are in school/daycare, I have A LOT of things to remember to grab/get ready during the mad rush in the morning.

Along with Battling Breakfast, I have to get both kids dressed, do something with The Princess' hair, pack a lunch for The Princess, make sure I have The Princess' backpack packed with her sheet and blanket for nap time, pack diapers and wipes, get The Superhero's backpack ready with his extra clothes (just in case, no more High School Musical Panties), AND re-stock the Diabetes backpack with supplies...not to mention getting MYSELF ready.

Well, this really is starting to become routine for us in our crazy household and when checking the Diabetes bag for supplies I have been re-stocking granola bars for before recess, replace the ice pack to keep it chilled throughout the day, since it is SUPER hot here, I don't want spoiled insulin on the playground, along with other supplies. Day in and day out, this is what I do.

All except for ONE day we were on the way to The Superhero's school and I decided I wanted to check his actual BG (normally I just look at Dexie). We park outside the school and I start getting things out.



Alcohol swab...check.

Paper towel to wipe bloody finger...check.

Test strips...OH CRAP!

No problem, right? Just check in the "extra" supplies bag that we ALWAYS have and ALWAYS re-stock...


In reality I could have also walked over to the nurses office and gotten a container of them from her, but I was a little lazy, and EMBARRASSED and did not want to do that.


The Superhero has had T1 Diabetes for 2 YEARS, how in the world do I forget test strips!

Lucky for me, my parents live around the corner from where The Superhero goes to school and we could just go get some from their spare box of strips. Crisis adverted. This time.

But, what if we were just out and about and I had none? Crazy to think that something as simple as test strips would be so important.

At lease I am not alone in the forgetful pancreas department with Reyna @BetaBuddies and Mrs. Candy Hearts.

Hopefully, it won't happen again! At least not for a LONG time.


Reyna said...

I am even a bigger DOPE...I forgot SUGAR!!! Who does that? Really? Glad that your parents live so close to the school.

Beth said...

Been there, done that too - we've left the pump at home, insulin at home on cross-country trips (thankfully, going to visit another T1 family) - if it's d-supplies and can be forgotten, at one point or another we've been somewhere without it. I have a friend who used a staple to poke her kid's finger when they had no lancing device but everything else! LOL Glad you were able to go get stuff from your parents. :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You are definitely not alone, my friend! Just last night we forgot to give Jack both Humalog and Lantus. I just blogged about it.

Barbara said...

glad I am not alone. We forgot her whole bag at the hotel and didn't realize it until it was time to do a site change. We had no extra thingy so had to do a manual insertion. She did good.

Laura said...

Girl - you are so not alone!!! Before we were pumping I forgot to give Nate's NPH at least 2X. Who does that??

I think it's what Meri calls the swirly brain or something like that!! :)

Amanda said...

Umm, yesterday I forgot the whole glucometer. Nice.

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