Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Endo Visit

Yesterday was The Superhero’s 3-month visit to the endocrinologist. Our last A1C was 7.8, and it took A LOT to get it there! We had been hovering in the mid 8’s for months. 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, then 8.3.

My husband and I decided we REALLY wanted to get down into the 7’s. So we worked REALLY hard and adjusted like crazy and checked fingers like crazy, and it paid off! We got down to 7.8 in September!

Then we were hit with a major growth spurt, illness that sent The Superhero to the hospital, a trip to Disneyland with HIGH numbers. I KNEW our A1C would not be as good. I was just hoping to not make it to the mid 8’s this time.

We get called back at the endo yesterday. The nurse does the routine stuff. Poke finger for A1C test, put it in the machine, weigh The Superhero, measure The Superhero, check The Superhero’s blood pressure (his LEAST favorite part, he would much rather give blood, weird kid).

We go into the exam room and get visits from our pump start nurse, J. and our favorite nutritionist, A.. We had not seen A. since The Superhero was diagnosed 1 ½ years ago, and I was pregnant with The Princess. She was excited to see how much he had grown and to get to meet The Princess.

A. was the person who I connected with the most when he was diagnosed. She helped keep me sane in the hospital and even after we left. There were times I would call her on her cell phone to talk about carbs, insulin, etc. She is an amazing person and it was really nice to see her yesterday.

Then the Doctor came in. And to say we LOVE Dr. D. would be an understatement! We originally had a different endo in the same office, which we liked, but did not have a personal connection with. Then we heard a ton of good things about this Dr. D and decided we wanted to switch. I knew she had kids of her own that were around my kids’ ages. I knew she would at least understand the 2-year-old issues we were dealing with.

In June, we made the switch! I am SO happy we did! I love her. I feel like I can just talk to her about anything.

So, Dr. D. came in and told us how great we were doing. She said The Superhero had grown a whole inch in the last 3 months and wondered how in the world we could keep his A1C at 8.2! I was surprisingly happy to hear 8.2 and not a higher number. And knowing how much he had grown helped me to accept the number as well.

Of course, I would like it back in the upper 7’s, I also know that we lost enough sleep, made enough changes, and did everything we could as his human pancreas to keep his blood sugar as in range as possible.

I am going to do whatever I can in the next 3 months to get him back in the 7’s. We will see if it happens.

So, no more getting sick, no growing, no Diabetes taking control of his BG’s and we might get there!

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