Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick potty and diaper update

Both kids are doing GREAT!

The Princess and I are doing well with the cloth diapers today! I love that I am not throwing them away and don't have to buy anymore. We will see if this continues.

The Superhero is doing so AWESOME! He has been asking to go potty, by himself. He does not want me going in there at all. I have been lingering in the hallway, or the kids rooms to make sure he is actually going. And he is! He pees every time he goes in there.

He even chose to nap and go in public with underwear instead of a pull up. I was not as ready for that, but he did great!

So far this week he had pooped first thing in the morning, before we put on his underwear (diapers at night still, since when he runs high, he pees a TON).

BUT today he finally pooped on the POTTY! All by himself! He said he had to go, and he actually did!

So, after dinner, we are off to buy roller skates! I sure hope Toys R Us is not out of skates for his age, or I will have a problem.

I hope tomorrow goes as well as today did! I am SO proud of him!

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