Monday, December 14, 2009

Cough, Cough, Cry...

I am so sick of the kids being sick right now!

It all started the weekend before Thanksgiving. The Superhero and Rod both got sick. Cough, aches, runny noses, etc.

The Princess and I tried avoiding them at all costs. We left the house during the day and only returned for nap time and bed time.

It did not work! We both ended up getting sick ON Thanksgiving. Rod and The Superhero were getting better as The Princess and I were getting worse.

A few days later, we all seemed to get better. We were still coughing some. Still had runny noses sometimes. The usual lingering of the cold that happens.

Just one week later, The Superhero started coughing like CRAZY! I could not believe how congested he sounded. He continued with his cough for the whole week. We went to his dentist appointment, endo appointment, and his 3 year check up all in the same week.

While at the pedi’s office, The Princess was getting her follow up H1N1 shot. I meant to have the doc look in her ears because she had been pulling at them a little for the past couple of days and that is the one area that I cannot tell if something is wrong. Of course, I completely forgot to have her check. We had way too many other things going on at that moment.

Friday afternoon after the kids’ naps (same day as pedi appt.) BOTH kids woke up with fevers! The Superhero was in the 99’s and The Princess was around 101.5. He was still coughing the same as he had been all week, no better, no worse. The pedi did not really say anything about his cough at all, so I figured it must not be anything serious.

The Superhero continued feeling the same, coughing, but acting fine. The Princess on the other hand has been SO CRANKY! She fussed ALL day Saturday! She had a runny nose and the fever continued. We kept giving Tylenol and Motrin throughout the day. That night, she was insanely MISERABLE! She was up every couple of hours and I could not console her. No matter what I did, she would not stop screaming!

She was still very cranky when we woke up on Sunday and still had the fever. After posting on Facebook that I was thinking about taking her to Urgent Care, Wendy replied telling me she would take her in and that it sounded like an ear infection. I took Wendy’s advice and took her to the local pediatric urgent care when they opened at noon.

Sure enough, Wendy was right! Ear infection in her left ear. No wonder she has been so miserable! Even though I kept asking myself "Why did I not have the pedi look in her ears on Friday? I knew something was wrong.", I was happy to have an answer.

I got her Rx filled on the way home and started her meds that afternoon. She still was miserable all of Sunday and sounded horrible! She was becoming very hoarse and sounded like she was losing her voice. I started doing breathing treatments for her again on Sunday, hoping to help her breathing. (we were told she might have asthma back when we were told she had eczema). The treatments seem to be helping some. She is sleeping a little better.

The Superhero is still coughing A LOT! So now when either of them coughs, they cough a couple of times and then begin to cry because of the pain. It is the most pitiful thing ever!

The Princess had her second dose of the antibiotic today and I am hoping she feels and sounds even better tomorrow. We have TONS of fun stuff planned in the next couple of weeks and they both need to be better!

We are supposed to go to Zoo Lights on Friday with the Starlight Foundation.

We are supposed to go to the local support group Christmas Party on Saturday (Santa will be there!).

We are supposed to go to my Grandma’s for our yearly Sunday before Christmas family dessert.

We are supposed to go to play mini golf, go to dinner, and have cake for The Superhero’s birthday on Monday.

Not to mention Christmas coming before we know it.

They HAVE to be better!

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