Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 FUN Christmas events down, 1 dreaded one to go

Yesterday we had our Starlight event at the Phoenix Zoo lights. We all had a blast! We met up with a lot of our Diabetes support group friends there and had tons of fun. Santa was there and brought presents for all the kids. The Superhero is in LOVE with his new bowling set.

Today we had our support group Christmas party, complete with Santa! The kids had a great time and it was really nice to hang out with the other mom's too! My husband even enjoyed himself! Santa came and brought both kids presents. The Princess sat on his lap for a quick second. The Superhero on the other hand would not go near him. In fact, when he was called he was no where to be found! He had gone back into the play room by himself. :)

Tomorrow is the DREADED family get together at my Grandma's. I am going to do my best and act like things are normal and that nothing has bothered me about the drama. We will see how it goes.

Here are some pictures from our fun parties. I will have more pictures after tomorrow's gathering. (The Princess will be wearing and incredibly cute tutu!)


The Princess ready to leave for the zoo

The Superhero with his antlers, waiting for dinner at the zoo event.

The Superhero doing a craft

The Princess with her present from Santa at the zoo event

Group photo

We were "lucky" enough to win the cookie centerpiece

The Princess at our Diabetes group Christmas Party

The Superhero playing in the toy room

The Princess and Santa (for 2 seconds)

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