Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Or, almost over anyway.

Here is a run down of MY day...

3:30am (yep, that early) The Princess crawls into bed with Rod and I. This is becoming a habit since she is teething, AGAIN.

5:30am The Princess is READY to get up and she is NOT happy.

6:00am I make Rod get up with The Princess while I take a shower. I check The Superhero's Dexie first, 186, Ahhh, Finally! A number in the 100's!

6:30am I join The Princess in the livingroom while Rod takes his turn getting ready for the day. I check email/FB/blog/etc.

6:50am I decide it is time to go check The Superhero and get him up. We decide what to eat for breakfast (bagels, because I bought the cinnamon ones he likes, or at least used to, keep reading...) ---Bolus The Superhero for part of said bagel.

7:05am The kids sit at the table to eat. The Superhero FREAKS out because he DOES NOT like THAT kind of bagel and wants Daddy's PLAIN bagel instead. This is the SAME plain bagel he refused to eat just last week. Alright, switch bagels with Daddy.

7:30am Rod leaves for work and I get the kids ready for school. The Superhero has pre-school today and The Princess has Daycare (more about that in another post).

7:55am The Superhero, The Princess and I leave for school. Backpacks, lunch boxes, purse, Diabetes supplies, etc. in hand.

7:57am The Superhero complains of his pump site hurting. I asked if we should stop at NaNa's and change it before school or after school, he said we should change it on Sunday. Hmmm..Ok, I guess we will stop on the way. Quick call to Pompa to ask him to get the supplies ready for us. (because this tired, exhausted mommy does not carry pump supplies with her since we started school and cleaned out our bag).

8:00am Quick stop at NaNa and Pompa's for a site change. The Superhero got his gum treat and we we one our way to school in a few short minutes. Pump battery has 2 bars, as it has for a few days. It was on my agenda to change it at the next change, which I was not planning on doing until later today. I don't want Awesome Nurse S. to be without IOB info, and that means waiting to change the battery.

8:15am Arrive at pre-school to drop off The Superhero. Check Dexie, 326 arrows UP, YIKES! Check IOB, lots of insulin, leave it. Let Teacher #1 know he is high, but should come down soon. If he continues to rise, Call Awesome Nurse S. Let both teachers know that The Superhero's NaNA will be picking him up today.

8:30am Arrive at the Daycare and drop off The Princess. Discuss with teachers about her crankiness and teething. I also reminded them of the impending Binkie Intervention (post to come tomorrow).

8:45am Arrive back home to get some work done. Conference calls scheduled for 9am, 9:30am, 10am, and a math class at 11am.

9:00am Complete 504 meeting for a family in my class.

9:20am Cell phone rings. Uh oh! Awesome Nurse S. calling to let me know that The Superhero is 367 and the remote recommends giving 0.6 units, I asked her to give him 0.4 units since he will be running around like a crazy child at recess soon. (0.4 is still quite a bit for The Superhero). She then tells me that the meter says "low battery". Ugh! I knew I should have just changed out the battery this morning! Does this mean the meter battery or the pump battery?

9:25am Rush to send messages to my 9:30am and 10am conference calls to re-schedule for the afternoon. Grab some batteries and head to the school.

9:45am Arrive at school. Change batteries in both the meter and in the pump. Confirm the pump asking what type of battery. Lock buttons on pump. Let The Superhero run off to recess.

10:00am Since I re-scheduled my calls and have nothing now until 11am, I decided to make a "quick" trip to Target. I needed to pick up The Superhero's insulin and a few other things. (including extra batteries to keep at SCHOOL)

10:30am Arrive back home in time to log in to my math class. Throw in some laundry really quick. Check in with Awesome Nurse S. The Superhero was down to 170's after recess. AND then THE PROBLEM. This tired, exhausted brain of mine FORGOT that changing the battery in the pump has more STEPS to the process! Awesome Nurse S. could not bolus The Superhero. I walked her through the rest of the battery change necessities, rewind, load cartridge, and prime the pump. Re-hook The "Bionic" Superhero back up to his pump. And off he goes!

11:00am Math class. Man THIS hour flew by today!

12:00pm Check in with NaNa to make sure The Superhero is doing ok. BG came down ok. He ate lunch. She bolused. Then she fought LOWS all afternoon. CRAZY day!

12:30pm Conference Calls begin. Oh wait, did I forget to eat lunch? Quick, make a bagel and cram it down before the next call!

1:30pm Calls done. Tie up loose ends with email, etc for work.

2:00pm Leave to pick up The Princess. She is happy as can be at daycare. The go to get The Superhero from NaNa's.

2:30pm Stop for a quick car wash. (the kids thought this was TOO cool)

3:00pm Home! Just in time to get MORE work done while listening to CRANKY, WHINY kids.

5:30pm Make a quick "dinner" for the kids. Keep working in the meantime.

6:00pm Clean the kitchen, has not been cleaned in DAYS.

6:30pm Get the CRANKY Princess ready for bed. Fight her for over an hour to fall asleep.

7:45pm Check in with FB and email for a little ME time.

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! What a day!

And on a funny note, I asked Awesome Nurse S. how The Superhero did at his pre-recess check (when he was really high) and she said he was a little ornery. He kept asking her "Are you DONE with ME yet???" A little sassiness in his voice. LOL!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a LITTLE less BUSY!


Heidi / D-Tales said...

I'm tired from just reading about your day! Hope tomorrow is a bit easier!

Wendy said...


Not. busy. at. all.

I're just home all day, right?

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