Monday, August 16, 2010

The time has come...

for The Superhero to GO TO SCHOOL!

AND, it did NOT go well today!

Our day started ok. We woke up and got ready. He was looking pretty snazzy in his new shirt and shoes...

I dropped him off at school so I could take The Princess to daycare. His BG at drop off was 253 (via Dexie).

I came back about 20 minutes later. He was playing and having a good time. I heard Dexie beep. I had him tell his teacher that Dexie beeped (trying to train them). He was dropping, FAST.

We decided he needed to go to the nurse to verify what his BG really was. On the way to the nurse's office (me, Teacher #1, and The Superhero) Teacher # told me that if they had to take him to the nurse's office regularly it might be a PROBLEM.

That's right folks, she said it might be a PROBLEM! Seriously?!

Now, I know she did not mean The Superhero was a problem, or that she really minded taking him to the nurse. She was concerned about the ratio of kids left in the room with Teacher #2.

I get that.

Really, I do.

BUT a whole slew of emotions ran through me thinking my kid was a problem. Diabetes was a problem. Ugh! The day was going *ok* until then! She also told me on the way to the nurse that we needed to have a meeting with the pre-school director, herself and the nurse to develop a plan of care for The Superhero. She said it would not be a 504, just a plan they use for preschool.

***Please note that I requested THIS type of a meeting WEEKS ago before school started. At that time the teacher felt I could just meet with her and the nurse separately and we would work it all out. I developed a "health plan" using the 504 Wendy has listed on her blog. I reviewed it with the teacher and the nurse and thought everything was peachy. ***

We get to the nurse's office and I just lost it. I started bawling LIKE A BABY.

I started getting all of those post-diagnosis emotions running through me.

Why? Why MY kid? Why can't he just go to pre-school without THIS crap happening? This is NOT fair! Why can't he just go to school like the other kids!?

Tears, and MORE tears come out of me as I try to explain what the nurse needs to do. Check BG, 70. Fruit snacks, The Superhero was SO EXCITED, we don't normally have those, so he did not mind getting a treat. I on the other hand was still crying uncontrollably.

After The Superhero finished his treat I sent him back to class with his teacher while I consoled myself and told the nurse what the teacher had said. She did not seem thrilled about the teacher's reaction to taking The Superhero to the office. She told me developing a plan would be a good idea and that the district might be able to get an aide just to follow The Superhero around ALL DAY LONG.

I don't want to get my hopes up, BUT this would be awesome!

We continued the school day by re-checking The Superhero's blood sugar prior to him going to recess. He was up to 97 at that point. We gave him a granola bar to keep his BG steady while he played on the playground for 30 MINUTES in 100+ degree weather, with LOTS of humidity.

Dexie checked during playtime, 124 and steady. Woo Hoo.

We come inside and he is checked again, 127 and steady. Woo Hoo!

Snack time for the rest of the kids. The Superhero is offered snack but chooses not to eat it, though I think he drank some of the milk. (more than I thought, for sure!)

He ended the day ok, other than his mood being off because he was going UP, UP, UP at that point from the aforementioned milk he drank. He did not want to sit in the circle with the other kids. He finally participated around the last 5 minutes.

He is not sure if he likes school so far. He was very upset he did not get to paint or use scissors yet, but he did enjoy playing most of the time.

After coming home, Wendy stopped by to chat with me. I had texted her that school did not go well, and being the SUPER, AWESOME friend she is, she stopped by. Of course, it helped that she was down the street having lunch.

Since she has literally been HERE when Sugar was in pre-k a few years ago, I knew she would be able to help me. She is planning on coming to The Superhero's meeting, once it is scheduled. She convinced me that we need to push for the 504, since legally, they should be doing it anyway. I am sure she will be the best advocate we could have in this situation.

SO, I sent an official request to the school district. I WANT a 504, and I sent them a copy of the plan I want. I am not sure when the meeting will be, but I will blog about it afterward.

Also, a side note. I am working on re-doing this whole blog. But this post could not wait for the re-design. So, please pardon my mess.

Please PRAY this works itself out.


Reyna said...

WOW Tracy so many of my emotions were evoked in reading this post. I HAVE soooo been there. My heart goes out to you. GREAT comfort is provided to me in knowing Wendy is there for you. It is hard when these little guys are sent off to school in the beginning. I cannot even believe I went to pre-school with Joe for like 2 years...and I was a mess when he started emotional...balled-up...crying... MESS. I love you girl and hope that things "sugar out" soon. Please keep us up-to-date!

Misty said...

Oh Tracy, you've got me in tears now! Ally hasn't even had her first day...and she is going into second grade...but I am a basket case every time I think about the first day of school which is next week! It will get better. You are doing an awesome job of educating and training them. I want Wendy to be here for my meeting too!

Lora said...

It sounds like the nurse may be a good advocate for you also. I am sure she had her own discussion with the teacher afterwards.

Sweet Momma said...

Oh Tracy!! I am so sorry to hear that his first day was so rough. I will be praying for you guys that tomorrow is a MUCH better day. I am so glad that you decided to blog it out (mess or no mess - but I think your new blog is looking GREAT!). Please give me a call if there is anything I can do to help, or if you just need to talk.
I totally agree that you need to push for your 504. They CAN NOT deny you that, as long as it is a public district. Make them work for you!! Thats what we pay taxes for!!
(((HUGS))) my dear friend.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry things didn't go as smoothly as they could have. But better to get this stuff out in the open now and get it fixed. I started out way too passive with Liam's school, and now it's hard to be pushy because we already have these relationships established. Good for you to stand up for him, and so AWESOME that Wendy is coming.

Moon said...

wow, can I say clueless? I am so sorry that you went through this today. I have a meltdown anytime someone says they can't do this or that for my child (like I am asking for a million dollars) when it is the law that they need to do it (school) or a request that isn't really all that extraordinary (doctor's office). We really don't mean to have the melt down, it's just that we hold it together day in/day out and we are battle fatigued. I hope tomorrow will be better and that the staff will will understand where you are coming from and meet your superhero's needs.

Danielle said...

::hugs:: I'm so sorry. This kind of stuff already has me worried for when I send C to school. And FWIW, I totally would have been crying too. It's moments like that when you're forced to remember just how not normal our lives are, even though we've gotten so used to it at home.

I hope tomorrow goes better!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I just wrote you this long comment, and Google "lost" when I clicked on "post comment." Ugh!

I'm SO sorry you had to endure that. I would have been bawling. The teacher's lack of empathy astounds me! The superhero's well-being is of paramount importance. Her class ratio will be returned in a matter of minutes. I mean, how long does it really take to walk him down to the nurse's office? The other kids aren't in harm's way, but he is.

I know Wendy is there to help you (G-d bless, Wendy!), but if you need anything else (documents, moral support, another D Mom body, a shoulder to cry on), please know that I'm here for you.

LOVE the new header!!!

Wendy said...

D MOMS UNITE! We’re going to fix it. And SUPERHERO will get to paint and use scissors in the process ;) Chin up! xoxoxoxo

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