Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Update Day 3, Part 1

Well, I dropped The Superhero off at pre-school this morning.

We went in and talked to the Awesome Nurse S., and yes, that is now officially her name. She is going to go and check The Superhero before recess, give him a snack, come back and check him after recess and wait with him until he finishes his snack with the class.

What can I say, she is seeming more and more Awesome as the week goes on. I feel like she truly does get it and wants to help me feel ok leaving him there.

Then we walked over to The Superhero's class and I took him in.

I explained to the teacher that his Diego backpack MUST go with him whenever they leave the room. I made sure she knew that meant to the bathroom and to recess, since she has not been as on top of this as she needs to be.

She then asked me if I was staying, and I told her I was not. I let her know that Awesome Nurse S. would be in to check him before recess and after recess. If they had any concerns in between, to call Awesome Nurse S. and she would take care of him, and call me as needed.

She seemed a little worried about this. But I checked The Superhero and he was a nice 172 at the time. I knew Dexie would be beeping soon, since his high setting is 180 and his breakfast was still bringing him up some. I let his teacher know if it beeped, they could clear away the "high BG" message.

And I left.

I left my baby in the care of his teachers. I hate that I have to think about Diabetes ruining his school day and having to leave him to someone else who is supposed to keep him ALIVE until I get there. Leaving today, was much harder than I thought it would be. I cried a little in the car, and then more after I dropped The Princess off at her daycare.

It will be ok. It will be ok.

Also, I got a note from the teacher letting me know the "Health Plan" meeting is scheduled for this Friday. Note it did not say 504 Plan. Hmmm...Do they think I am going to forget that they have to follow the LAW.

Per The Superhero's Advocate (Mrs.CandyHearts), I will send another email to the school as I did the other day letting them know I got the notice and that The Superhero's Advocate and I will see them Friday for the 504 Meeting.

We will see how it goes. I am NOT backing down. And I am BEYOND thankful to have someone to help me through this. I seriously don't know if I could do it on my own. My first thought was to just pull him out of the school and try again next year when he is older, but I know that is not the best thing for him. He wants to go to school. He wants to use scissors. He really wants to paint. And at the end of all of this, he WILL get to do those things!

As of a few minutes ago, I already heard from the nurse. She called my cell phone. Good thing I took it to the bathroom with me! Sorry Awesome Nurse S. Yes, I answered your phone call while I was in the bathroom, but it is better than missing the call entirely.

She wanted to let me know that Dexie beeped when The Superhero was above 180 and the teacher was not sure how to clear the message. So she was calling me to confirm what needed to be done. I am totally fine with the call. I would much rather them call me tons than not at all if they are having any concerns or questions.

I will post another update about his day once school is out.


Joanne said...

LOVE the new look, and I'm glad to hear everything is going better for you guys after the first day. What a great advocate to have in your corner... Gotta love Mrs. Candyhearts!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the love ;) We're going to make a great team!

As for the phone....yup...take it not EVER assume that it's okay to leave it for a second, because that's the second they'll call!

Reyna said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow during your 504 meeting!

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