Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Day of Pre-School for The Superhero

Well, we made it through another day of pre-school. He came home ALIVE. Here is a run down of the 3 hours of school today...

7:15am - Refused to eat breakfast. Ate roughly 2 grapes, received bolus for said grapes. BG was ok when we left at 7:50am.

8:00am - Drop off at school. Start temp basal, -40% for 1 1/2 hours. Check Dexie, 172 double arrows UP.

9:25am - Call from Awesome Nurse S. The Superhero had gone low. Dexie beeped. Teachers saw 65 double arrows down. Called Nurse. She told them to give him a juice while she headed over. Finger poke revealed a number in the 50's. Granola bar to go with juice. (turns out juice given was the incorrect juice, they ended up only giving him a 2g carb juice. These 2g juices were meant for snack time) Re-checked 15 minutes after low, up to 90 something.

9:30am - Re-check finger. Up to 172. Sent to recess.

9:45am-10:15am - Juice hits The Superhero's bladder, and he does NOT have time to make it to the potty. He pees in the sand at recess. Teachers were not able to find his change of clothes (in his BACKPACK) and he came home wearing school clothes. (see picture below)

10:15am-11:15am - The rest of the day went fine. BG cooperated.

11:15am - My wonderful friend Kate picked The Superhero up from pre-school and brought him home just after I finished my work meeting online.

So, overall, things went ok. The teachers did MUCH better responding to Dexie, and to Diabetes. (other than giving him a 2g juice for a low) They even remembered to document in his little notebook I provided for that purpose! Progress is being made.

Since The Superhero has gotten home, I have called Awesome Nurse S., Teacher #1, and have changed The Superhero back into his own clothes.

Rod and I have now made the decision that The Superhero MUST eat a full breakfast, or he is not allowed to go to school. Period.

And now for the pictures of what The Superhero came home wearing...

Yep, that's right, The Superhero, my little BOY came home wearing pretty girl panties. I can't help but laugh. Since he is only 3, he did not think anything about it.

And here's hoping we have a successful week of pre-school!


Lance said...

SH will be reminded of this when he gets older.... like when he starts dating! ;-)

Reyna said...


Heather said...

That is awesome!! I'm glad everything is going better. Gives me hope for when my lovebug starts preschool in another couple weeks.

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Progress!!! Its ALL ABOUT PROGESS!!! =)

AjsMommy82 said...

LOVE the panties!!! ;)
Glad things are getting better!

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