Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Update Day 3, Part 2

Ahhh, we are home! The day went MUCH better than the first 2 days this week.

The nurse called me once to double check the "high" message on Dexie. No biggie.

I called her to check in after his pre-recess BG check and snack. He was 150ish, ate his snack, and was bolused for 1/2 of the carbs.
After recess he was again 150ish! Woo Hoo!

I did -40% temp basal today, instead of -30% like yesterday. I wanted to bump him up a little more, and it appears it worked well. I think I will only do it for 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 hours though, that could be why he was a little high when I picked him up too.

THEN he ate snack with the class. He ate part of the cereal that was offered and drank ALL of his milk. The nurse came and bolused for the snack, but missed the carb count on the milk. I will be emailing her to verify the correct carbs for 1 carton of milk soon.

He was pretty high when I got there, 290's with double arrows UP. Finger check at home showed 347 with 1 arrow up. :-(
I bolused for that and for the ENORMOUS amount of carbs he ate (PB&J, and grapes=122 grams carbs--we have to double the actual amount of carbs in a PB&J sandwich for him, not sure why, but it works)

I got this message from his meter (never seen before!)...

Adjusted the amount of insulin he can receive in 2 hours up to 4 units. Crazy to think how much he is growing like a weed right now!

And on the 504/Health Plan note...I sent my email confirming the meeting for a 504 on Friday to the nurse, teachers, principal, and District 504 person. I received an email back from the principal! I take that as a positive sign. He was just saying "Thanks, See you Friday." I made sure to include that I would be bringing The Superhero's advocate with me.

I also stopped by Awesome Nurse S.'s office on my way to pick up The Superhero. I needed to drop off his extra bottle of insulin since I have been forgetting all week. While I was there she introduced me to the District Nursing Coordinator (DNC). She was there to develop The Superhero's Health Plan with the nurse. We will see what they come up with. BUT, the DNC looked SO familiar to me. So I asked her if she used to work at the High School I went to, she said no, but that she had worked at K. Elementary School! That is the school I went to from 3rd-8th grade! I totally remember her! Such a small world!

Then we talked about The Superhero a little bit and his diagnosis, etc. I watched the 2 other D kids in the school come in and check their BG before lunch. They were both older girls (I guess around 4th grade or above). They did it ALL on their own. I was impressed.

So, overall, I am SUPER happy with how today went. My little boy is still alive, even with HIGH numbers now, I think it went well. More adjustments for tomorrow, but definitely getting better each day.

Now hoping the tomorrow continues to go well, and the "meeting" on Friday is ok too!


Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Whew!!!! I know your kind of relief... and I know how WONDERFUL it feels to be able to breathe a little easier! =) I am SO GLAD that today was so much better... and they WILL just keep getting better from here!!
We still have some work to do on our nurse... not much, but some... and some tweaking in the pump to do too... but all in all, I would say its a pretty sucessful start to the school year! =)

Wendy said...

SO HAPPY today was a better day :)

It's going to be great, my friend. Just wait and see!!!!!

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