Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Time for a Binkie INTERVENTION

I knew this time was coming. I have been putting it off for a LONG time. The Princess is WAY more attached to the binkie than The Superhero was and it is really starting to mess with her teeth.

It was with The Superhero too, but not as bad, not this young. The Superhero was ALMOST 3 when we decided (with lots of urging from the dentist) it was TIME for him to LOSE it. So, along came Trains, Binkies, and Fairies. This was only 8 months ago. And The Superhero has never looked back. He was old enough to "get" the concept of leaving his binkies behind to play with his trains.

The Princess on the other hand, DOES NOT. She is not even 2 yet. BUT, it is time. And I have decided since she is MORE addicted, she will need A Binkie Intervention. Cold Turkey. It IS happening. And it is GOING to be ROUGH.

Not a day goes by that I see The Princess without her binkie (or bee-bee as she calls it) in her MOUTH. This is probably why she did not talk for a long time. This is NOT good. Here are some pics of her over the past 2 years (almost) with her binkie, ALL THE TIME.

Underneath that binkie is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FACE!

Since I made this decision last weekend I thought it would be best to do this on a day/night when she is not going to daycare the next day so they won't have to deal with it right away.

I decided the Binkie Intervention will begin on Thursday (today). As soon as she gets home from daycare (pick up at 2pm) we will make sure we have ALL that we can find and we will TRASH them ALL.

SO, wish us luck, pray for us, think good thoughts for ALL of us here in this Not-So-Fairytale Adventure. It will be rough, I am sure of it. We will come out on the other end and it will all be ok, hopefully!


Kelly said...

Maddison was a binkie girl too....we survived and you will AGAIN too :) It just sucks ALOT during the transition!

Wendy said...

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reyna said...

Ah YEAH...good luck Tracy... maybe you need some of Meri's "JEDI" skills for this one - lol.

Joanne said...

Good luck... Elise never took a pacifier, so I have no words of wisdom for you. Hoping it all goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

My kids never took to it, so I am don't know what you are going through...however, my friend's daughter had the same issue. They took her favorite binky and put it in a Build-A-Bear, that way she could snuggle with it without having it in her mouth :) According to her, it has worked like a charm! Good luck!

Nicole said...

I wanted to post earlier but I was running around with my head spinning off my shoulders all day long.

So I just wanted to give you a little can do this, stay strong and remember it may be easier to give in now but in the long run it is sooo worth it.

I feel for you My 1st, 4th and 5th (all girls) loved their soothers or binkies :) and for # 5 it took a lot, 3 days of crying and not sleeping OH MY but it's in the past now. I can see her face and her teeth are soooo much better now that the soother is gone!!

GOOD LUCK and I will be thinking of you during this hard time of separation for your little princess :)

Laura said...

Oh girl - you are a rock! I love it. Cold Turkey - that is how I did it too!

Good luck, Friend!

I'm going to post a picture for you on FB!
Check it out soon -

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