Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pre-School Update

After yesterday, I did NOT feel comfortable leaving The Superhero at school alone. I had meetings scheduled this morning, and I am lucky enough to have The Superhero's Pompa to go with him.

I was a little curious how it would go today since I sent the official request for a 504 yesterday afternoon, via email.

Since The Superhero went low during class yesterday, I decided we would try a temp basal decrease (-30% of his basal for 2 hours).

Pompa took The Superhero to school and the teacher checked him on her own this morning! At that time he was around 97 and steady. She asked Pompa what he would do, he told her he suggests re-checking Dexie in 15 minutes.

Amazingly, 15 minutes later, she remember to check him and wrote down the number. He was still in the 90's and steady! Woo Hoo! The temp basal appears to be working!

Close to recess time, it was decided that The Superhero should be checked by the nurse to verify these AWESOME numbers they were seeing. And to make sure he was going to be ok before recess.

Our Awesome Nurse S. (yes, I have decided I like her a lot) came in and checked The Superhero. He was 102! Great number, but a little low for recess playing (ie: running around like a CRAZY boy). So they gave him a granola bar (18g carbs) and he was able to play with the other kids.

When they came inside, Dexie was checked again, he was in the mid 100's (around 150). He ate his snack and then nurse came in. They checked his BG, he was around 200 (probably from the food he had already eaten). They bolused. And he made it through another day.

Though it sounds as if it all went ok, we have some things that need changing/adjusting before tomorrow.

  • The teachers MUST take his supplies with them every time they leave the room. They did not take the bag when they took the class to the bathroom or to recess. (my dad grabbed it at recess)
  • His snack must NOT be thrown away before the nurse can see how much was eaten/not eaten.
  • The nurse will need to come check his BG and bolus before he eats his snack. If he then does not eat his snack, the nurse should be called again to supply some alternative snack.
  • The snack he eats before recess will need to be bolused for partially. He was a little higher than he should be after recess, and continued to go up because of the granola bar.
I typed up these notes for the teacher and the nurse tomorrow. I also called the nurse to let her know my plan. I am having her go in and check him at 9:30am and after recess (around 10:15am).

I am NOT planning on staying tomorrow, unless something comes up. They can call me or my mom if they need us and we can be there FAST.

As of this afternoon, I have not heard anything about the 504 meeting. I am hoping to get a response and get it taken care of this week. We shall see. I will keep updating you all on how things are going.

Wish us luck on improvements for tomorrow!


D Tales said...

There are always kinks to work out at the beginning of the school year, even with great teachers. Here's to an even better day tomorrow!

Wendy said...

AWESOME DAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Beautiful blog too :)

Keep me posted....YOU ROCK!

Reyna said...

I am glad today went better than yesterday. It sounds like you are working out all the kinks. Keep up the great work Tracy

Sweet Momma said...

Much better day today! :) I am so glad! Ironing out the wrinkles will take time, but at least you can breathe easier now knowing that they are taking the Superhero's care seriously! :)

And the blog is looking GREAT!

Heather said...

I love the new look! Glad to hear school was a bit better. I'll be praying things keep going well!

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