Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 6 Diabetes Snapshots

Here is our life with Diabetes since just before The Superhero was diagnosed until now...

Just days before he was diagnosed. You can see how skinny he is by looking at his neck and face.

Diagnosis pictures...(and yep, that is an IV in his neck, and both arms )

The Superhero still likes to be a normal kid, making cookies with his Pompa

And of course, that means tasting the dough

He LOVES to eat cupcakes

He can have ice cream and diet coke for breakfast if he wants to (at Disneyland only!)

1 Year Diaversary Celebration. We took him to his FIRST movie, EVER. (to see Up) He enjoyed the diet coke and popcorn treat.

When things don't work out quite right, due to stomach bugs we end up in the hospital. We have been back 2x since dx almost 2 years ago.

October 2009

February 2010

We are SO lucky to have some of the best technology available for The Superhero.

Lots of supplies (a little messy at the time of this picture, it has since been cleaned out)

And some of the BEST friends we could EVER ask for!

Here is The Superhero with part of our Secret Santa gift.

Our local support group.

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