Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 4: To carb or not to carb

That is the question!

Since The Superhero was diagnosed so young, we opt to carb. I want him to be as "normal" as possible, so he will be allowed to eat anything he wants. (within reason of course) PLUS he NEEDS the carbs for energy! This kid has more energy than any other kid I know! He burns those carbs up so easily.

Before Diabetes entered our lives, The Superhero had never really had any sugary stuff. We never gave him juice or cookies or other sugary yumminess. After being diagnosed, he was getting WAY more sugar than ever before. Lows. Lows made me force him to EAT sugar. I can hear myself saying "The Superhero you HAVE to eat this pudding!" or "You have to drink this juice".

And now, after almost 2 years with D, he is a CARB LOVER. I don't think it has anything to do with D. I think he just loves his carbs! He will just sit and eat a slice of bread and be happy with that as his meal. He loves fruits too.

Now, don't get me wrong, we do limit some carbs. I am finding that those yummy, BG rise causing bananas SPIKE the heck out of him. So, we only let him have them if he is eating enough protein and fat. And NEVER for breakfast!

I also am not a fan of "fake" sugars. He is allowed a treat of Diet Coke when we go out to restaurants or to my mom's house, but that's it.

As he gets older, I would love to try more low carb options. But with his age there are MANY times that he just needs to EAT, so he gets to eat anything he wants.

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