Monday, May 17, 2010

I made it!

This is my 100th post. Diabetes Blogging Week helped speed things along for the last 7 posts leading to today.

I am inspired by Meri's 100th post to come up with something creative. I feel like 100 is a big deal. Being a teacher, we used to celebrate the 100th day of school with all kinds of fun activities. We would count 100 M&M's. We would have the student bring in 100 of any item they chose. We would do a dot to dot with 100 dots. We would color 100 themed coloring pages.We would do word searches with 100 words.We would read stories about the 100th day. Ok, you get the idea, 100 days of school was a BIG deal. (as adults, we all know the 100th day has to do with funding, but the kids had no clue, so we had fun!)

So, for my 100th post, I am creating a contest. Meri started this idea with her ellipsis counting. I am using her idea, a little.

Though I do use the ellipsis A LOT...I tend to emphasize words by using all caps. It is hard to get the true emotion and feelings across in words on a blog. Using all caps allows me to get the importance of some words/idea across more easily. So here is the contest, rules, prizes, and deadline. Enjoy!

Contest: I have gone back and counted the number of times I used ALL caps in a single word. I want YOU to post a comment on this post telling me 1) which post (1-100) I hit the 100 mark of using all caps and 2) How many times in my 100 posts (yes, including this one) I used all caps to emphasize a word.

Prizes: I will give a prize to the person who guesses closest to the post that had the 100th word. I will give a prize to the person who guesses closest to the total number of times I used all caps. And I will put the rest of the names in a random drawing for a third prize.

UPDATED: There will be the following 3 prizes to choose from...

1) 2 Flower shaped sticky notes

2) Sticky notes with a magnet on the back

3) A friendship sign

Guidelines/Rules: Don't cheat! Don't go back and count, just take a WILD GUESS! Sometimes there will be phrases WHERE I USED CAPS for several words in a row. Those would count individually, not as a set. Words that are meant to be all caps to start with do not count, such as AZVA (Arizona Virtual Academy), or the word I. If more than one person answers the same numbers and that number is the winner, I will do a random drawing between those people.

Deadline: This contest will run through Friday, May 21st. I will go through the comments and choose the winners over the weekend and announce them on my blog either Monday or Tuesday (24th or 25th).


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