Friday, May 14, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 5: Let's Get Moving

Exercise? And 3-year-old crazy little boys? I think it goes without saying!

The Superhero is a BUSY kid. He likes to run around the house like a crazy child. I have asked him before what he is doing and his response now is “I running around like a crazy boy, Mommy.” This craziness causes his BG to DROP and I always have to keep an eye on him to see how the BG is doing.

But, there are times when he will just sit and watch a movie (or 2, or 3). Then we end up with highs.

If we go to the park, we have to determine if he is going to run around like crazy, or if it is going to be a digging in the sand, low key kind of day.

Thank GOD for Dexie! Before Dexie, we would have to check his BG every 20-30 minutes during activity, if he decided to be extra active. Now with Dexie, I can just look at the receiver every so often and determine which direction his BG is going.

It is all a balancing act. I have to watch and decide what kind of day The Superhero is going to have.

Is it going to be a low key, fall asleep on the couch kind of day like this one...

Or a day like today...

(video of my CRAZY children! Please excuse the extreme mess, it has been a very busy week and we are getting ready to move. And yes, pants are optional in our house. :) )

From May 8-14

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