Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the Winners Are...

I am FINALLY getting around to my 100th Post contest winners! I am a little surprised that I only had a total of 4 people respond. I guess my prizes weren't good enough. :-)

Anyway, here are the winners...

1) Donna @ Life & Times of a Mom of Twins for her guess of my 32nd post for the 100th time I used ALL caps.

2) Lora @ My Diabetic Child for her guess of 517 total times I used ALL caps.

3) Wendy @ Candy Hearts in the random draw! There were only 2 other posts besides the winners above. I wrote names on sticky notes and folded them up, and drew Wendy's name.

So, I am sorry to Meri @ Our Diabetic Life for being the only one to not officially win. BUT I love you
anyway, Meri!

The actual numbers...

1) I reached my 100th time using ALL caps in my 29th post (Thank You Secret Santa)

2) I used ALL caps a total of 542 times!

Those of you who won, I will mail out the prizes soon(pictures of the prizes are in the 100th post, and will be sent in order of who won). :-)

Thank you for participating! I can't wait to get to the 200th post!

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