Monday, March 8, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

So, even though I am VERY sick today and have been in bed all day, I HAD to type up this Mommy Moment because it is HILARIOUS and well, today is Mommy Moment Monday. :) Enjoy!

A little background: We teach our kids simple sign language when they are babies/toddlers. Just a couple that help make communication easier for all of us. So I taught The Princess the signs for "All Done" and "More". She never really picked up any others.

Fast forward to last night: We had just finished dinner at my parents house and were hanging out on the couch. The Princess climbed up in my lap and was being the usual snuggly girl that she likes to be.

Then she sat up and did the sign for "More". She did not just do it once, she was repeatedly showing me the sign for "More". I kept asking her "More of what?"

Then all of a sudden, she dove at my chest and tried to pull my shirt off! I guess she "told" me what she wanted! She has NEVER done this before! And I only nurse her at bedtime/in the middle of the night, so this was very unusual for her to do!

We all started laughing, I could not stop! I went in the kitchen and got her a snack instead of what she actually asked for. But it was HILARIOUS last night!

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