Friday, March 5, 2010

Comfort Foods

You know you all have one.

You know, the one food you like to have when you have a bad day to make you feel better. Or the meal you might request on your Birthday.

The one food you like to keep the same, no changing it up.

My comfort food is as follows...

Boneless skinless fried chicken tenders

Mashed Potatoes




(all home made, except the biscuits)

I love the fried chicken my family makes. So yummy.

I love mashed potatoes.

I love gravy.

I love zucchini.

I love biscuits.

And I like them the way I like them and not messed with! I know leaving the peals on the potatoes is faster and easier, but it is not the same.

I like my gravy made the same way each time too. Not messed with. My mom used bacon fat in place of butter last week, and I was honest and told her it was gross. Because it was. I am not a huge bacon eater anyway, and to have my gravy messed with, not cool. (I know, I know, I already told you this mom. I also said it was probably going to be on the blog. I still love you and am grateful that you made dinner, but I hated the gravy. :) )

I love zucchini. It is one of the only veggies I will actually eat. I like it steamed. Butter is not required. Just yummy zucchini. Mmmm...

I also love biscuits. This is the only part of the meal that does not have to be home made. From a can is just fine. I have always loved biscuits. With butter of course.

So, what is your comfort meal?

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