Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All the HARD work being a pancreas



As you may have read in my post from last night, we had The Superhero's quarterly endo appointment this morning. I was a little off on his last A1C, it was 8.2.

I am SO HAPPY to report that his current A1C is 7.8!

Dr. D. was impressed that we could get such an awesome number with The Superhero only being 3 years old and the fact that we don't really see too many lows. I attribute much of our success at being a pancreas to Dexie. We got Dexie in January and I am SO in love! (I will do a post on Dexcom soon, I have been getting LOTS of questions. :) )

He has not gained weight in the last 3 months and has grown a little. We will keep an eye on this, but I am sure he is fine. He had that tummy bug last month that I am sure did not help.

Overall, a GREAT appointment! I can't wait to see our endo at her new office in June. :)

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