Saturday, March 6, 2010

How much is too much?

Water that is.

Will I really recognize if The Princess is drinking too much.

As she gets closer and closer to the age The Superhero was dx with T1, I am getting more and more paranoid. The Superhero was only 18 1/2 months when he was diagnosed.

Looking back, we can see signs and symptoms back to when The Superhero was 15-16 months. He was drinking a ton. Peeing a ton. Not gaining any weight. I think/am pretty sure he had blurry vision (broken arm at 16 months), extra cranky, etc.

The Princess is 16 months now.

And she drinks A TON of water! She carries her water cup around with her all day. She screams for more when it is gone. She is still nursing before bed and once in the middle of the night. Is she really that thirsty? Or is it just a habit.

She goes through LOTS of very cranky periods. Could it really just be teething? Or is it more?

I really hope this worry and icky feeling that makes me think her being dx is inevitable disappears as she gets older. I hate feeling like it could happen at any moment.

So, how do I know how much is too much?

ETA: I have checked her BG several times and she is always in range. The highest she has ever been is 134. Nothing super alarming, yet.

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