Friday, March 19, 2010

I KNEW I should have checked

I checked The Superhero's Dexie before we went to the park, 215 and a slanted arrow down. Perfect! He can play.

I checked The Superhero's Dexie while he was playing, 195 and 1 arrow pointed down. Perfect! He can keep playing.

He played for a bit longer. We walked home. I gave the kids their snack, put on a movie, bolused for The Superhero's snack and went to take my shower.

I came out of the bedroom a few minutes later. Both kids had finished their snacks and The Superhero said "I am going to lay down right here".

Uh oh! He NEVER wants to lay down. Something must be up. Or down in this case! I looked at Dexie, 95 DOUBLE ARROWS DOWN! Still had insulin on board, and LOTS of it. I had bolused for his snack before my shower. And his breakfast insulin was peaking.

I checked his finger to see just how LOW he was and I saw 45 and freaked out a little. I ran to get a juice in the kitchen and forced him to drink. He was in a "low" mood. He drank.

Then he ate a little more snack.

Then he whined for more snack. I made him wait and I just sat their and held him. I did not want to let him out of my sight.



Ugh. I am glad he recovered fine and is being mean to The Princess like normal. Guess he feels better. I am still thinking about that 45.

He rarely goes low like that.

I REALLY should have checked Dexie when we got home from the park.

Live and learn I guess!

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