Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

This week's MMM post is brought to you by The Superhero.

I learn a lot from The Superhero. He teaches me patience (sometimes), not to get frustrated with him (he tells me all the time), and that I REALLY need to watch what I am saying while I am around him!

He was reading a firetruck book with The Daddy last week and got to the page with the steering wheel. He started pushing the fake horn and saying "Get out of my way!". The Daddy asked where he learned that, he said "Mommy".

The Daddy said, "Oh, mommy does that when she is driving?"

The Superhero, "Yep."

Oh great! The little tattle tailor! I will have you all know, I do NOT honk my horn often enough for him to learn THAT from me! Now the yelling "Get out of my way", I will take credit for!

Then yesterday we were going to pick up my mom from her house and 3 kids were running across her yard. Then without thinking (clearly) I said, "What are those stupid kids doing in NaNa's yard?" (I know, I know, I hate the word stupid and there I went and used it, in front of the loud mouthed 3 year old!)

I told him that Mommy should not have said that and that it was not very nice. I meant to say "silly" kids.

Then my mom gets in the car and we see the kids as we are driving away and he says something like "Look NaNa, the STUPID kids!"

Oh, great! What am I teaching this kid?

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