Monday, February 8, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday -Talking about the Worst Mom Award...

I have decided to start a new weekly post called Mommy Moment Monday. I will pick one Mommy Moment from the previous week, good or bad, and blog about it. :)

Well, my new blogging mom friend Wendy blogged about the worst D-Mom award. (which we all decided was not earned!). Now it is my turn. Only this time it has nothing to do with being a bad D Mama, just a bad mommy in general. (I know, I know, you will all say this is not earned too, but I feel horrible!)

You may all remember when we bought The Princess her first shoes, I blogged about it here. We bought her first shoes in August. She started wearing some right away, and some were a little bigger to wear as she got a little bigger.

Well, I haven't even thought about her shoes again since then. She has been wearing most of those shoes up until last week. I was at the mall and wandered into Stride Rite. I decided to get the kids feet measured to see if we were still in the right sizes. The Superhero still has plenty of room in his shoes! (the good news)

The Princess on the other hand needed new shoes. She was measuring at a 6, needing a 6 1/2 size shoe. I put her shoes back on and made a plan to head up to the outlet mall soon. (much better prices on those expensive little shoes!)

That night I was cutting her toe nails. I noticed how yucky her toe nails were looking, kind of worn away and smooshed. I decided that she REALLY must need new shoes now. I looked at the current shoes and noticed that they were a size 6 (the pair I grabbed). I thought, ok, I have another week or so before I will stress to find her new ones. THEN I grabbed her other shoes and noticed that they were a 5 1/2! I have been jamming her feet into shoes that were 1 size TOO SMALL for weeks! I kept thinking she was just curling her toes and would force them on anyway. She never complained. She just wore them anyway.

Of course, this made me feel horrible! I am sure that had to super uncomfortable. Poor thing. I was going to go up and get just one pair to make do until we could afford to buy her a few pairs.

My mom had another idea. :) (gotta love NaNa) We took The Princess to her 15 month check up on a Friday morning. (my dad kept The Superhero, gotta love that Pompa too!) After her appointment we drove up to the outlet mall (about 20-30 minutes North of town). We found lots of shoes we loved, and settled for 3 new pairs.

We got a black pair

a white pair

and a multi-colored pair

I am still kicking myself for not realizing that her shoes were SO small for her feet. Poor thing just let me jam her feet in her shoes everyday with not complaining. I will hopefully notice when she grows out of these ones!

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