Monday, February 15, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

The Superhero's hospital stay this past week was filled with Mommy moments! (hospital blog post to come soon!)

1) I was leaving the hospital on Thursday night to get The Princess from my parents and put her to bed. I was saying goodbye to The Superhero and in his super cute, super sweet little Superhero voice said "Mommy, I going miss you!", which of course did not help my mommy guilt because I was leaving him! (Rod stayed with him at night)

2) Leaving the hospital the next night, I was waiting for Rod to get up to The Superhero's room and I was telling The Superhero I was going to be leaving and that Daddy was on his way. He kept saying "Mommy, you don't want to leave me all by myself." And he started crying A TON! Which, of course, got my water works going! I don't know why he would have thought I was leaving him alone. We would NEVER leave him alone in the hospital!

3) My FAVORITE moment of the week...I bought The Superhero a toy from the Disney store on Friday night during my mom and my retail therapy. I brought the new toy to The Superhero on Saturday morning and gave it to him. He was asking why I brought it for him. I said "I bought it for you because I love you." He replied, "Ahhh, I love you too Mommy!" (in his super cute, super sweet little Superhero voice, of course!)

Moments like these make me love him even more. I just have to remember these when he is being his normal irritating self. :-)

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