Saturday, February 27, 2010

What can be worse than shoe shopping?

Well, if you read this post, you know I HATE shoe shopping. But there is something I HATE even more, and that is bra shopping!

I am a large chested woman and have a HARD time finding bras that fit. For my wedding we went to this bra place downtown and had to be served by the man we now refer to as "Creepy Bra Guy". I got the right bra for my wedding dress. When it was time for nursing bras when I was pregnant with The Princess(I did not nurse The Superhero), I had to go back to Creepy Bra Guy! I ordered some online and ended up returning ALL of them!

Now that I am only nursing The Princess at bedtime I decided it was time to get some normal bras. My mom and I set out last Saturday morning to do just that. We left the kids with The Daddy so we would not have little ones to keep an eye on while shopping.

We started at Dillards. I have had luck there in the past. I told the sales lady what size I needed and she showed me the 3 or 4 that came in that size. I tried them. I left the store braless. Well, I still had my bra on, but you know what I mean. :)

We went to another store. The plus size store in the mall. I asked the girl there about my size. She measured me and told me I was wearing the wrong size! I was a little skeptical but went with it anyway. (I hate being measured, but I liked this girl, definitely NOTHING like creepy bra guy)

I tried the size she thought I would wear and it took a few styles for me to realize she was right! Or close to right anyway. I finally found what I thought was going to be an awesome bra. We bought 4 of them. They had 2 in the store and 2 would be shipped to my home.

I was VERY excited to have a bra that fits! I put one on that afternoon and was very pleased. Then as the day went on and I was bending over picking up toys, snacks, kids, etc I noticed that this might not be the bra for me. I was "spilling" out! I HATE spillage. I wore it a few more times over the next week. I finally made the decision that while these bras "looked" good when I first put them on (and they did look GOOD), they were not "mom" bras. I need a practical, functional, everyday bra.

I decided to keep the one I had been wearing all week and return the others. I would have to look for another one to fit right. Now that I know what size I should be wearing, I knew this would help as I went back into Dillards.

My mom and I went back to Dillards last night and found the few that came in my size (the new size) and I went to the fitting room. The first couple were NOT right. Then I tried on one of the last ones and SUCCESS! It fit awesome! I am pleased to say I finally found my "mom" bra.

Now I know most, if not all, women HATE bra shopping, but at least most of you get color choices! My choices were cream, beige, mocha, and black. That's it. I got three of the colors and will have to be happy with that.

So now I have my "mom" bras and I have one bra that my husband loves and will rarely see me in. :)

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