Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

This week's Mommy Moment just breaks my heart!

Yesterday was pump site change day for The Superhero. I also decided we would change his Dexie site as well. We were still getting good numbers out of it and we were on day 9, but the tape was starting to really peal up, so it was time for it to be changed.

The Superhero's mood was a little off due to not taking a nap, but the sites needed to be changed anyway. Normally, he does his site changes with NO problems at all.

I got all the supplies ready and called him into the kitchen.

He opened his sucker as I prepped the pump site. This one is the more complicated one, so I did it first.

Prepped his skin, prepped pump, inserted new site, got pump all set up, primed, and ready to go. He did great!

Here is a picture of his pump site:

Then I prepped for the Dexie site. I find these sites to be pretty easy to put in, and normally, he has NO problems with them. But like I said, he was not in the best of moods because he did not take a nap.

We sat on the couch for this one. I cleaned his skin. Inserted new site. He cried. He said "That hurts mommy." I finished and got Dexie up and running.

Here is a picture of his Dexie site:

He then told me that he did not want me to sit next to him. He was mad at me because I hurt him. :-(

I felt SO bad. He does not normally react that way, so it threw me off a bit.

Of course, later in the day he was fine and had "forgiven" me. Just not one of my favorite things to do to him. I hate Diabetes and I hate that we have to do these site changes to him, even if I know it is best for him.

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