Monday, November 23, 2009


First of all, I LOVE having a little girl! (I love my little man too, but girl shopping is the BEST!)

In August we went to the shoe store to buy The Princess’ 1st shoes. She was showing signs that she would be walking soon and I wanted to be prepared with shoes. I planned on getting a pair for right then and a pair or two for winter.

We ended up with 6, yes S-I-X pairs of shoes for her. How did we end up with 6 you ask?

Well, we needed casual ones,

white ones,

black ones,

brown ones,

tennis shoes,

and one extra pair just because they were cute!

I had the best time shopping for her shoes. I am VERY thankful for the Stride Rite Outlet store, so I can save money while going overboard on shoe buying.

I can’t wait until she outgrows them so we can get more.

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