Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Negative? Really? Could it be something else?

So, I took The Princess in for allergy testing on Monday. She has ALWAYS had milk issues. Whenever I would eat ice cream, drink milk, have pudding, etc, she would get SICK. (since I am nursing). The doctor told me this "shouldn't" happen, but it did. I pretty much have avoided all full fat dairy products, or timed them around her feedings.

Now that she is over 1 year old, I wanted to try to wean her off of nursing during the day so it would be easier to leave her. (I hate pumping!) So, we started giving her milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. She started to get sick. She would throw up randomly and was having diarrhea off and on. Her skin was looking worse and worse. She was just being overall CRANKY. We took her off of the milk and dairy products temporarily to see how she did. I put her on rice milk, rice cheese, and soy yogurt. I scheduled allergy testing to see if it was a true allergy.

Here are the pictures from her appointment.

Sitting in the exam room chair like a BIG girl.

Waiting for the 15 minute scratch test to be done.

The scratch test (the one that reacted was the control test)

They tested for milk, soy, peanuts, wheat, etc as well as common environmental allergies such as dogs, cats, dust, etc.

They came back in after 15 minutes to measure the marks from the scratch test. Turns out she is all NEGATIVE! Yes, this is good news, BUT why is she so sensitive to dairy then? Well, the doctor (who I really liked!) said she probably has a lactose sensitivity rather than a true allergy. He wants us to STRICTLY avoid dairy for the next year and see how she does.

THEN I mentioned that Wendy had listened to the symptoms we were seeing and thought it sounded a lot like the symptoms for celiac that Sugar had before she was diagnosed. AND I mentioned that The Superhero has Diabetes. Since celiac is also an autoimmune disease, The Princess has a higher chance of having celiac as well. So, he thought we could go ahead and run a celiac panel just to rule it out.

We went down to the lab to have her blood drawn. They CLEARLY were not prepared for a squirmy, super strong 1 year old! They got the first needle in, were getting blood and then one of the two techs who was supposed to be holding The Princess' arm still decided The Princess seemed relaxed and stopped holding it. The Princess moved her arm just right that the needle came right out and blood started pooling out of her arm.

They cleaned up and got the second arm ready to poke. They switched roles. Same thing happened, only this time they did not ever get her vein. I gave up. They did not get as much blood out of arm 1 as they wanted, but are hoping it will be enough. It will have to be. I was not going to let The Princess be poked again. If it was not enough, I will have to go somewhere else to get the blood taken.

Anyway, we should have the results in a couple of weeks (hopefully). I am 98% sure it will be negative, but who knows.

I will post an update once we get the results.

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