Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick, sick, sick!

Time to remember what I learned last time The Superhero was sick!

I knew there was a reason he was low for the last couple of days. I knew there was a reason he was not interested in eating much yesterday. I knew something was not right.

That something came "up" tonight! Ugh. I heard him in his room fussing at 1:30am. I sent Rod in there. I hear him trying to get my attention through the baby monitor. I head in there to see The Superhero throwing up. :(

The Princess was sick last week on Thursday and Friday. I guess it is The Superhero's turn now. I was hoping what she had was a fluke and that no one else would get it.

I sent Rod up to get the anti-nausea meds filled. Why did I not get these filled the last time he was sick? Thank God for 24 hour pharmacies.

Please pray that ketones stay away (currently none), his BG stays up (currently 124), and that he gets over this REALLY fast.

After he threw up, he said "I feel SO much better now" in his cute little Superhero voice.

Then we were watching Dora the Explorer and Diego happened to be on the same episode. He saw them both (Dora and Diego) and started laughing and saying "Mommy, there is Dora, Diego, and Boots. That's funny!"

At least he still has his cute sense of humor at 2am.

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