Monday, January 4, 2010

I REALLY hate saying...

"You HAVE to eat ALL of your snack before you can go play!"

It has been a LOW kind of day. :(

I don't often complain about Diabetes. I just deal with it as it comes and move on. One number at a time. I chart it all and make changes as necessary. For some reason, today the lows really bothered me.

Before lunch The Superhero was 83. Ate lunch, bolused, nap, after nap...69! Where did that come from? Crazy.

I had been telling The Superhero all morning that we would go to the park after his nap if he would be a good boy and let me get some work done. So after his nap the park is the FIRST thing he thinks of. He remembers EVERYTHING.

With a 69 and a pending park date, this means he needs juice and a decent snack. I gave him the juice before we left. He picked a snack (Wheat Thins, his new favorite) and I told him he HAD to eat it on the way to the park. We are about a 5-10 minute walk from the park. I figured he would eat his snack while I was walking and he would play when we got there.

Well, apparently he ate almost NOTHING on the way there. I let The Princess start playing and told him that he HAD to finish his snack before he could join her. I hated it. I hate that Diabetes holds him back sometimes. He REFUSED to eat his snack and just sat there in the stroller pouting.

I told him I would check his BG to see if he came up enough with what he had eaten, plus the juice and then decided if he really NEEDED to eat the snack.

116. Not high enough to go running around the park. Plan B. I asked if he would eat something else. I had a granola bar in his bag. He decided he would eat that. It took him about 10 more minutes to finish his granola bar (he eats SLOW sometimes). Then he finally got to go play with The Princess.

They had such a great time playing today. And for those of you in COLD weather, my kids were in short sleeves and pants. And the pants were almost too much today. :)

I checked The Superhero before we left because he was being a stinker again, he was down to 86! Another juice and we were on our way home.

Checked before dinner and he was up to 104. Gave him a few mini M & M's to hold him over until dinner. He enjoyed this treat and even was nice enough to share with The Princess.

I REALLY hope Diabetes cooperates tonight and does not throw more lows at us! We usually deal with the opposite problem. Maybe it is time for more adjustments. I am tired of "thinking" in numbers!

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