Sunday, January 17, 2010

So far, AMAZING!

Just a quick update.

We LOVE the Dexcom, aka Dexie. The Superhero thinks it is SUPER cool and LOVES to show it off to everyone.

We LOVE the trends. LOVE the graphs. LOVE arrows telling us which direction the BG is going. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

The Superhero has started "interpreting" the information too. He will feel it vibrate and look at it and say, "oh, I'm coming down." (like he really knows what it is telling him)

So far, the readings have been VERY close to the actual blood readings. We are doing WAY fewer finger pokes than before. We used to check his BG at least 3 times at night and we are now only doing 1. We may even cut that out at some point. We LOVE being able to just walk in his room, take a quick look at Dexie, and make a decision.

Along with the pump, this is DEFINITELY one of the BEST things we could do for managing his Diabetes.

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