Friday, October 8, 2010

Update on The Princess

Well, if you read THIS post, then you know that we went in to get tubes for The Princess. I am happy to report that the surgery went well and she is doing mostly better now.

The doctor said her left ear was REALLY inflamed and full of fluid (which he drained). She did great going off to the nurse before the surgery, only cried for a minute.

She had a hard time waking up after wards. She cried a lot and was thrashing herself around. I went in and held her in recovery and once she opened her eyes we got her to drink a juice. Then they rushed us out (that is how out-patient works around here).

They seem to kick you out pretty quick. She was still pretty fussy so I sat in the back of my dad's truck with her. I had her eating snacks within a few minutes and she was a much happier little Princess.

My mom took The Superhero to school and picked him up. Then she kept him until the afternoon so I could spend the day with The Princess.

The Princess and I watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie (her new favorite) and then we took a 2 1/2 hour nap around 11am. It was SO nice to sleep! She has not napped that well in a LONG time.

Since the surgery, she has started going to sleep easier. She is still not sleeping well, and is in bed with me every night.

She has also started talking and demanding things in her sleep. The other night she insisted we get her crocs for her (either that or socks). Before we even had a chance to get them, she was fast asleep. Last night she insisted on having a hair bow. I told her I was going to get one, and she went back to sleep while I pretended I was getting up. Silly Princess!

And on another Princess note, we went to the GI doctor yesterday. I can honestly say we talked about EVERYTHING that has ever gone in and come out of The Princess. There was more poop talk than I could have imagined.

But, the doc has determined that we definitely need to do an Endoscopy (upper) and something else in the lower area too. She named several reasons that The Princess could be feeling the way she has for so long.

I have to go back to giving her Gluten for the next couple of weeks and the procedure will be scheduled for 2-3 weeks from now.

I will keep you all posted on when this is scheduled and how it goes. I just want answers. She needs to feel better.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. And, I will leave you with some pictures from her surgery day. Enjoy!

In Pompa's truck on the drive over, 5:30am.

She REFUSED to wear their gown, she chose to be naked instead (just a diaper).

Being super cute.

"Reading" a book with Pompa. (really watching the movie instead)

Eating a snack on the way home.


Meri said...

What a sweetheart! I can just imagine how nice that nap was after her surgery! I hope you get answers from all the testing. Praying all is well.

Lora said...

I am glad things went well. Keep us posted on the GI stuff :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Here's to better health for the Princess!

As I looked at this post's pics, I couldn't help but think of your "bangs or no bangs" post a few weeks ago. I'm thinking bangs. :) And I love her hair down. But no matter what, she's a cutie patooty!

Reyna said...

The Princess sure is going through a lot of health concerns/issues right now. I am thinking of you and your family Tracy. I am anxious to hear what the further GI studies show.

(((HUGS))) I hope you and the family have a great w/e you definitely deserve it.

Wendy said...

I'm so happy that's done! CHECK!!!!!

Anxious to hear what the endo shows....please let me know as soon as you have a date!

Lots of love to've had a busy week!!!

Laura said...

Answers - Answers - we need answers!!! I'm so glad her ears are better but my heart aches for you not knowing about the GI probs. Please keep us posted as I will be thinking and praying for your sweet princess.

On another note - you two are both beautiful! I love the picture of you holding her and looking away - - - you both look gorgeous. Even naked! the princess that is - !! :)

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