Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Endoscopy has been scheduled...

for November 3rd. I will continue to "gluten her up" until then.

And, she is MISERABLE! She is cranky. She cries a lot. She is sleeping worse than before.

While GF for her 3 whole weeks, we had stopped her acid reflux meds, and she was HAPPIER! (other than the whole ear thing)

Now that she is back on gluten, I have had to start her "acid reflux" meds. I really think it is NOT acid reflux at all and is just the reaction her body has to the gluten.

My mom picked her up from daycare for me today since I was in an online meeting and she came home with the "All about my day" paper that stated "I ate nothing. She sat there and cried." AND "she cried a lot today."

NOT what I wanted to read! I so wish they had called me to let me know! I usually call and check on her but figured she was fine today and I was busy with conferences for work.

I will be making sure they know to always call me if she is acting like that. I hate thinking of her just walking around crying there. Poor baby!

I hate how she feels. I hate that she doesn't sleep well. Which means we don't sleep well. EVER.

November 3rd better bring some answers!



Kris said...

Poor girl. I hope the Endoscopy goes well and I hope you get some answers from it. I know it's hard seeing them so miserable. :(

Wendy said...

UGH! That sounds miserable :(

Glad you got scheduled....but wondering if you should call the GI back to see if they can pull some strings for this miserable sweet baby.

Me no likey.

Reyna said...

*heavy sigh*

I've been thinking of you. November 3rd is a long way off. I hope her misery improves.


Jen said...

OH Tracy..my heart is breaking for you!! What a torture it is when you child isn't feeling well and you can't do anything about it!! November 3rd is SO far away..I am so sorry friend. Please give the Princess and extra squeeze from Seattle and one to you too..hope you both can hang in there until November..

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