Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and some updates

One of the big hot topics in the Diabetes world each year is HALLOWEEN.

I mean think about all that candy and the blood sugars that will follow.

Every family handles it differently. Some let their kids frost cupcakes and eat them later, others let their kids indulge in anything they want, and others trade their kids candy for toys.

This will be our third year with Diabetes at Halloween and we don't really have a long term plan at this point since our kids are still really little.

2008-The first year with D at Halloween The Superhero was not even 2 years old and The Princess was just 3 days old. I remember that year we let The Superhero have his FIRST sucker EVER. It was the candy he chose out of ALL the candies he had. It was a dum dum. He REALLY enjoyed it. The pump definitely makes allowing him to eat candy at non-meal times much easier, but that first year with his sucker, we just dealt with it on shots.Then I am sure we ate some of the left over candy and I sent the rest with Rod to work.

2009-Then last year, The Princess was just 1 year old and The Superhero was almost 3. We let them (mostly him, since she was little) eat some of the candy that night. We bolused with his pump and moved on. Over the next few days, he might have had some of the candy. We just did not make a big deal out of it. And again, I am sure we ate some of the candy, saved the "low" candies, and sent the rest with Rod to work.

2010-So again this year, with a 2 year old Princess and an almost 4 year old Superhero, we will let them each eat some of the candy that night. And we will let them have some of the candy over the next several days and then we will send it to work with Rod.

As the kids get older I am definitely interested in some of the other ideas I have heard. The Switch Witch (read about on Hallie's blog, from an unknown blogger) where you leave your candy out at night and the Switch Witch trades the candy for a toy for each kid. I think this is a GREAT idea and could quite possibly become out tradition. We will have to put some thought into this before next Halloween!

So, nothing fancy here, but, that is how Halloween is done in OUR house. It may/will not work for everyone, but for now, it works for us.


I also wanted to mention that I am REALLY a crazy person, it is obvious to me now because I have been coerced into signing up for NaBloPoMo AGAIN.

You may remember that I did this in September. I posted EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in the month of September and earned my badge.

Well, I will be doing it again in November. Please don't feel as though you have to comment every single day. I know there are several of us signed up for November and it will be hard to keep up with the reading, but we all love all of our commenters, so please still comment when you can. :-)

Other crazy bloggers signed up for November:
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Don't forget to enter this week's Sugar Bolus for a SWEET prize!


And because I love pictures, I thought I would share Halloween over the last 3 years...

2007-The cutest monkey, EVER...

2008-A baby pumpkin and a pirate
(showing me how to use the sword)...


2009-A Pink, Sparkly, Fairy Princess...
(she is wearing this again this year, because I love it THAT much)

2010- To come later...(a CUTE Buzz Lightyear and an adorable Pink, Sparkly Fairy Princess)

I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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