Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mail Exchange, the follow up

You may remember the post I did about the Mail Exchange where Cindy came up with the idea to have our kids, D and non-D, have a small gift exchange.

Well, last week our gifts arrived! And The Superhero and The Princess were VERY excited!

I would like to thank Jen and Addison from I Am Your Pancreas for sending The Superhero some awesome gifts. He LOVES the glow bracelets and even used one as a collar on a stuffed puppy (Spotty) and took him to show and tell at school last week.

I would also like to thank Heidi and David from A Work In Progress for The Princess' gifts. She LOVES princessy things and is beyond in LOVE with her new, little baby! She took the little baby with her to bed for many days and was even her baby of choice the day of her ear tube surgery.

Here are the pics of the kids opening their surprises!


htimm=) said...

Love the pics! I just posted ours as well. Thanks again, David loves the crayons and the books. He is just starting to learn his colors (most things are green when first asked). =) He loves Elmo as well. You picked the perfect gift for him!

Cindy said...

So cute! I love seeing all of these pics! Glad everyone had fun!

Jen said...

So glad the liked the glow bracelets! Addison cannot stop talking about the "dexie guy" is cracking me up. Tell the Superhero that Addison is really looking forward to trying Dexie out thanks to him!

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