Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post updates, 3rd Edition

Here are some updates on recent blog posts...

1) To bang, or not to bang...

Well, initially I had decided "not to bang" and to grow The Princesses bangs out. She had a different idea. I always put her hair up out of her face when she goes to daycare.

This last week she started pulling out her hair thing and the teachers could not find it. So that resulted in her having her hair look like CRAZY the rest of the day.

After picking her up Friday with CRAZY hair, I decided we just HAD to get the bangs cut. And I decided to get all of her hair cut so it would look more even and "finished". Enjoy the pics below from her cut experience and the resulting cuteness when we were done.

2) The Diabetes MeMe for kids

First, we know no one named Karen. So I am not sure how she is his best friend. That CRACKED ME UP.

Second, we don't eat cookies all the time. I don't even know where that one came from. This is a RARE thing in our house.

Third, I want to be 5 when I grow up too!

3) Update on the Ears for The Princess

Ears seem to be healing great. The GI doc happened to look in there while we visited her and she said they looked good. We go back the the ENT on the 1st of November for a check up. I will update after that appointment. Thank you all for the prayers for healthy ears.

4) 5 Years Ago/ Trip to Vegas

Thank you all for the well wishes on our 5 year anniversary. It is so surreal to know we have been married for 5 years. It seems like yesterday! We had an interesting time in Vegas. A post will be coming when I can find the time. We enjoyed casino hopping and playing the penny slots. I know, I know, we are BIG spenders. :-)

5) Endoscopy has been scheduled

And has now been re-scheduled, and MOVED UP. The Princess was/is getting more and more miserable since re-starting gluten just over 1 week ago. She has had to re-start her acid reflux meds and is NOT sleeping well, worse than before. I called on Thursday and BEGGED for them to move her up to a sooner date. I guess I sounded pathetic enough on the phone because the doc is getting her in THIS Tuesday the 19th.

She is scheduled for a 1pm endoscopy. I will arrive with her there around 11am. My parents will be out of town, so I am VERY THANKFUL for Wendy right now. She has offered to keep The Superhero for the day while I take care of The Princess and her biopsy. Rod could take off work, but since he is still in training at the new job, I did not want him to have to take time off for this.

So, we will have answers SOON. I will most likely just put The Princess back on the GF diet after her endoscopy while we wait for the results. I feel it really did help her feel better and I think we will end up there anyway. A friend of mine shared her friend's blog link, and through there I found a link with more info on EE.

EE is something the GI doc will be biopsying for through this Endoscopy. And The Princess has EVERY symptom on the list. So, even if celiac is negative (which was my first thought with all of this), I still feel there is SOMETHING going on with her and wheat. I have always noticed something and am really hoping for answers now.

I will update after Tuesday to let you all know how everything went. I am not sure how long before we get the official results, I am hoping to know before the weekend. We will see.


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Reyna said...

Oh Tracy, First off the Princess' hair cut is adorable. Glad the ears are better and here is hoping for some answers soon after her endoscopy. I'll be thinking of you and your beautiful family.

Funny on the Cookies...I didn't think you ate them all the time...LOL. And we need to get to the bottom of this Karen thing!


Hallie said...

LOVE the hair!! It's so, so cute! Good luck with the test. We'll be thinking of you!

connie said...

I just love the haircut...she looks absolutely adorable and I have to admit, I do love bangs!!! Both of my daughters have bangs and so do I :)

Good luck with the test, I hope that you have answers soon and I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Nicole said...

Wonderful update!! I don't think that my dashboard is showing me your blog posts...I need to check this out!!

First love the hair cut. With four girls I feel you pain to bang or not to bang!!

and seconded good luck with princess, I hope she starts to feel better really soon and you have your answers that you need!! GOOD LUCK :)

bethany said...

her haircut is so absolutely adorable! she's precious. glad the ears are doing better ... and thank goodness that the endoscopy got moved up! i hope it goes well. and karen ... mmm - maybe i should change my name to karen so that you guys have an answer to this unknown karen :-D - and i've entered your giveaway

Kris said...

She is SO cute. I am loving the hair cut!

Maybe he meant "Carrie"? lol ;)

So glad she had the Endoscopy done. Praying you get answers soon!

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