Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feels like we are sitting ducks...

Well, as you may have read in a previous post (How much is too much?), The Princess worries me. I feel like we are sitting ducks waiting for Diabetes to hit her at any moment.

If you read this post, you know we had some blood work done. All of her blood work came back fine. Her A1C at the time was 5.6 (average BG around 110), nothing alarming, but, this is what I read...

A1c level of 5.6 - 5.9%: The individual level of mean blood glucose has exceeded the normal upper limit of the assay range, indicating an abnormality in the expected normal human range. While this level is not recognized by the ADA as diagnostic of diabetes, it does signal a level that may be indicative of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and/or pre-diabetes. Anyone with an A1c in this range should seek medical attention to determine the cause of the elevation in mean blood glucose.

Now, with her age, I think an average of 110 is probably OK, BUT she has many signs of Diabetes looming. And they are not going away or getting better!

She drinks A TON of water (or whatever drink is around).

She takes a cup of water to bed with her EVERY night, and throws an absolute fit if you take it away from her.

She wakes up with a FULL diaper, and then pees on the potty a ton too.

She will DOWN a drink like it is going out of style! (Example: The Superhero had a LOW blood sugar at the mall a few weeks ago and refused to drink the juice I had opened. The Princess saw it on the table and sucked the whole thing down in seconds.)

She is CRANKY. She cries off and on a lot, and it is getting increasingly more so. She even cries when dropped off at church, or any time away from me. Which could be her age, or at least partly. They did tell me today at church that it took them a while to get her calmed down today.

THEN, last night, the kids and I were having another picnic on the floor and The Princess wanted her Sprite (we had McDonald's, I know, healthy.) She sat there and SUCKED IT DOWN in matter of a few minutes. It seemed a little odd to me. I waited a few minutes and then checked her blood sugar, just out of curiosity.

First reading was 169. (thinking there MUST have been sugar on the finger or something). Recheck was 171!

So now, I am MORE worried than before. Her BG did come down to 88 by the next time I checked her about 1 1/2 hours later. But, I still cannot help but worry.

She had her MMR last month, and now I am a worried, nervous wreck that D is looming like a ticking time bomb that will go off at any moment. I am constantly thinking that the next virus she gets will be "the one" that sends us down another diagnosis path.

I know if it happens, we will deal with it. But, I would much rather NOT deal with it. And I know logically we WILL NOT miss the diagnosis, but the irrational part of me feels like I would.

This morning The Superhero told me he wants The Princess to have Diabetes, so she can be like him. It was so sweet. I think that would be the only good thing about her being diagnosed.

Please keep her in your prayers. I would like to pray that she not get diagnosed, but if she does get diagnosed someday, I pray that God gives me(and the Daddy) the strength to make it through the challenges that lie ahead.


wjpike1 said...

I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and hoping for the best. I can hear how worried you are, and I would be too. I am sorry you are having to face the possibility of this again. :(

Reyna said...

(((HUGS))) We checked Bridget once and it was 167 like 5 hours after she ate out. No signs since...but it freaked me out. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best sweet friend!!!


Lora said...

That's exactly why I will not go get the testing done on Leighanna. I would be a crazy mess just waiting for something to happen that may not.

I think that its normal for a non d's level to rise up to 180 post meal for up to 2 hrs after. The fact that she went right back into range is great. I wouldn't stress (easy to say, I know) she will be fine :)

Donna said...

Oh, I SOOOO understand! I often feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop... and that shoe's name is Jillian. *sigh* All you can do is what you are doing.... remain vigilent, check her often, and PRAY. Whatever God has in store for your sweet family, just remember this:

"The will of God shall not lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you."

Love, hugs and prayers going out to you guys!!

Misty said...

It is a thought that pops into my head often. When either of my younger girls are especially thirsty, cranky, etc - you know the signs! I get worried too. One night my 4 yr old non-D woke up in the night crying...she was talking non-sense and had wet the bed (which is very out of character for her). I freaked out! I mentioned to my husband that I was tempted to check her BG...he showed up with a meter in 2.0 seconds! We checked her while she was sleeping, she woke up and started screaming "I'M NOT ALLY!" She still tells the story that we thought she was Ally...not really - we just wanted to make sure!
Hugs to you...hoping all will be well with the Princess!

Hallie said...

Oh Tracy.

First of all... (((hugs)))

IF it happens.... IF... you won't miss it. You won't. I promise you.

IF it happens.... IF... God is Good. Always. I don't know why it happens. I don't get His plan. But I trust.

IF it happens... IF... You will be fine. You will have the strength. You will not crumble. We won't let you.

I will pray. :)

Jessica said...

I soooooo feel you. I check Peyton from time to time to- she drinks a ton. She licks the water off her hands in the bathtub. It freaks me out. I haven't caught her over 107, but I try not to let myself test her too often, or it'd consume me. I'm so sorry you are going thru this.

Amanda said...

We will definitely pray for you guys. I have the same paranoia and have checked my little 3 yr old at least 10 times. He also sleeps with a cup of water and cries when it's gone...
What does your pediatrician say about all this? Or your endo?

Cindy said...

I'm right there with you! Worrying about Leo all the time and whether or not he's going to end up with diabetes too. I sincerely hope not, but we're choosing to believe that it is inevitable and will happen sooner or later. Diabetes can sure suck sometimes!

Meri said...

Dear friend. IF it does happen...we are here. All will be well. And DO live where it is hella hot. If I lived there I would be sucking down drinks in nothing flat all the live long day. Don't give up hope! Love you!

Joanne said...

I know when this little guy is born, I will have the same thoughts and fears running through my brain. Praying for you guys.

Tracy1918 said...

I will keep you in my prayers. Whatever happens, God is going to give you the strength to handle this.

I'll pray for your Superhero, too. Poor thing, he doesn't want to be different. It breaks my heart...That's such a hard part of this disease......


Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Oh, Tracy, I can so relate. I worry about my other two kids all the time. Madeline has been running to the bathroom a lot on our trip, and she must have sensed my concern, or have concerns of her own, because without me saying anything, she said, "Mom, this does NOT mean I have diabetes."

I know how desperately you want to save your sweet princess from a diagnosis of T1D, but if she does get it, she will be fine, and we will all be here to support you through it.


Danielle said...

So sorry. I found Grant at 220 once. I cried and cried. Since then his numbers have been fine and we haven't done any further testing on him, like an A1C. But I feel like I'm waiting for the fit to hit the shan. It's a terrible feeling.

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